Lt-Col. Robert ParentBy next summer, Brockvill Rifles commanding officer Lt.-Col. Robert Parent and up to 15 reservists and regular forces members about 15 per cent of its total effective strength – will have their boots on the ground in Kandahar as part of Canada’s 2,500-member mission in Afghanistan.

Rob Parent is a former assistant hockey coach at RMC during the Andy Scott era and the head coach of the varsity rugby team during the mid to late 1990s and beyond
US Army recruiting anthropologists Toronto Star – Ontario, Canada

“I want people to ask the hard questions: Why is the Royal Military College still producing engineers for what other people are calling the anthropologists’ …



21678 Meagan K McGrath (RMC 2000) spoke at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario on November 14, 2007. She graduated  from the Royal Military College of Canada in 2000, with a Bachelor of  Science (Chemistry). Upon completion of her Aerospace Engineering training, Meagan McGrath was posted to Ottawa in 2001, where she  worked as an Imaging Radar System Engineer. In August 2005, Meagan McGrath was posted to the Air Force Experimentation Centre, the Ottawa detachment of the Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre. Since 2002, Meagan McGrath has climbed many peaks throughout the world in an attempt to climb the “Seven Summits” the highest peak on
each continent. At 0507hrs, on 21 May 2007, Meagan summitted Mount  Everest, achieving her goal to climb the Seven Summits. In December,  Meagan will attempt to summit Carstenz Pyramid, in an effort to complete both official versions of the Seven Summits. The “8th Seven Summit”, situated in Irian Jaya, the Eastern-most province of Indonesia. Carstenz Pyramid is 16,023ft (4885m) high. She also plans to compete in the Marathon Des Sables 2008. This running/trekking
event covers 243km/151 miles through the very challenging Sahara desert terrain, in Morocco, Africa.

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