Ex-Cadets and Grad students did well in the Appointments 2007 – Generals and Flag Officers. Source: R 241221Z DEC 07 Canforgen 198/07 CDS 047/07

  • 12141 Rear-Admiral Bryn M Weadon (CMR 1979) was appointed Assistant Deputy Minister (Finance and Corporate Services) at NDHQ Ottawa. weadon.bm@forces.gc.ca
  • 7928 BGen (Ret’d) Cajo Brando (CMR RMC 1969), who was special advisor to the Chief of the Air Staff at NDHQ Ottawa, retired.
  • 12162 BGen Dwight A Davies (RMC 1979) was appointed Director General Air Force Development at NDHQ Ottawa. davies.da@forces.gc.ca
  • E3693 BGen Charles S Sullivan was appointed Director of Operations defence/international security foreign and defence policy secretariat at the Privy Council Office in Ottawa. He had been Director General Capability Development Chief Force Development at NDHQ Ottawa.
  • 13718 Colonel Jean-Claude Collin (RRMC 1982) was promoted BGen and appointed Director General plans strategic joint staff at NDHQ Ottawa, replacing 10063 BGen Richard Andre JY Viens (CMR 1974). viens.jyra2@forces.gc.ca
  • 14358 Colonel Christian JM Rousseau (CMR RMC 1984) was promoted BGen (acting while so employed) and appointed Deputy Chief of Staff Support, International Security Assistance Force HQ Afghanistan.

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