Update on RMC Alumni Association Old Brigade Dinner

Tickets for the RMC Alumni Association Old Brigade Dinner will be available for purchase online starting 4 April 2022.

Information sur FDSDR 2022 CMR St-Jean

La fin de semaine des retrouvailles (FDSDR) 2022 au CMRSJ se tiendra les 26 et 27 août prochain.

2022 Old Brigade Dinner Announcement

One of the big events of the weekend is the Old Brigade Dinner, a tradition that dates back to 1906.  At this dinner, members of the more senior classes, some well into their nineties, will welcome and induct the new Class of Entry 2022, who first entered a Canadian Military College in 1972-3, and/or who graduated in 1977.  It is a time to renew long-ago friendships and to reflect on how fortunate we are to have shared our MilCol experience.  Whether from Royal Roads, Kingston, or Saint Jean, we all had a unique start to our careers, one that bonds us together for a lifetime.