OCdts. On Parade

Top 4 for Fall 2009

CWTO 24561 Marc-André F. Pelland, DCWC 24949 Kayla MacMillan, CWC 24410 Nicholas Bouchard and CWADO 24924 Maxime Bernier-Brideau

By 24734 Alex Gagnon

CWC Bouchard

24410 Nicholas Bouchard is from Summerside, Prince Edward Island. He was part of the Sandhurst team this year that brought back a third victory to the college and will be captain of the team next year.

DCWC MacMillan

24949 Kayla MacMillan is from Maxville, Ontario. She was part of the Highland Dancers, Women’s Soccer team, Peer Assistance Group, mentoring program, broomball club as well as the RMC broomball team competing in the Kingston City League.

CWTO F.Pelland

24561 Marc-André F. Pelland is from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec. He was part of the Sandhurst team as well as the Broomball Club president and captain of the RMC Broomball team competing in the Kingston City League. He led his team to victory at the League Championship.

CWADO Bernier-Brideau

24924 Maxime Bernier-Brideau is from Lévis, Québec. He was one of RMC’s finest students this year by attending 7 classes during the first semester as well as two classes as ‘interest only’ and 6 classes during the second semester as well as 2 classes as ‘interest only’. On top of his busy schedule, he managed to be one of the top students in each and every one of his classes. He has also been assigned to a NASA facility for the summer.

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