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Excerpts from Commandant’s speech at the Badging Parade

“Ex Cadet Weekend represents an opportunity for the past, the present and the future to come together and celebrate everything that is special about the Royal Military College of Canada.”

“Let me also recognize the families and friends visiting RMC today, many for the first time, for this important occasion. Thank you for your support to the CF and Canada. Thank you also for your trust and confidence in RMC and for permitting your sons and daughters to attend this historic institution. The path that they will travel over their time here will not be easy and that is by design. We are in the business of taking Canada’s finest young men and women and turning them into incredible leaders for the CF and the nation. There is no more honourable and challenging profession. You have much to be proud of as you see your family members on parade today.”


“Let me be the first to congratulate and welcome into the wing the Class of 2013. It wasn’t all that long ago you were dropped into an unfamiliar and challenging environment. But you survived Boot Camp and conquered FYOP, and now here you are as full members of the Cadet Wing. Your FYOP staff is to be congratulated on a job well done because you are in fine form today.”

“To the remainder of the Cadet Wing, well done on an excellent parade today. It has been with immense pride that I have observed the college come back to life over the past weeks and witnessed the incredible professionalism, dedication and commitment that you each show. Keep up the great work!”


Excerpts from 15988  Jeff Kearns (RMC 1987), outgoing President of the RMC Club of Canada

15988 Jeff Kearns (RMC 1987)15988 Jeff Kearns (RMC 1987)15988 Jeff Kearns (RMC 1987)

Each one of us, regardless of our cultural, religious or socio-economic background, were given a set of values early in life. We bring these values with us to RMC. But at the College, we learn and incorporate other values into our lives; a code of ethics, a sense of teamwork, and these will help define ‘you’ as officers and leaders in the Canadian Forces and in Canadian society.
TRUTH is the first of the three words in the College’s motto: TRUTH, DUTY, VALOUR. In many respects, TRUTH has become a rare and often unpopular commodity. It may in fact be the hardest one to live up to as you embark upon your career whether it be in uniform or as a future captain of industry. In today’s world, we are often bombarded with media reports of corporate
fraud and political promises that are not kept. But throughout your time at RMC, you will be exposed to ‘many more’ counter-examples of men and women, past and present, who have led honourable and courageous lives and have served their country with distinction.

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