A) Who is She?

* She is an Assistant Professor, Resource and Environmental Studies at Dalhousie University in Halifax.

* She attended Royal Roads Military College and earned a BEng Chemical and Materials Engineering, and MSc Environmental Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada.

* She earned a PhD, Industrial Ecology from Dalhousie University.

* She is a professional engineer and a former naval officer.

* Her personal research focuses on developing an interdisciplinary understanding of the potential policies, strategies and technologies that will be needed to improve the long-term sustainability of businesses, industrial operations and the communities they intersect.

* Founded on the principles of industrial ecology, she is interested in demonstrating how systems of energy generation, industrial production and/or consumption can become more sustainable through the application of systems’ theory informed by ecosystem function – i.e. minimal use of toxics, and maximum resource efficiency within every facet of the supply-chain.

* In 2009, she received the Faculty Award for Exceptional Interdisciplinary Endeavour in Scholarly Research.

* Her research interests also include a focus on knowledge transfer strategies that can improve the integration of green technologies, eco-efficiency, renewable energy and related concepts into standard practice.

* Her more recent work was to co-author the ‘Nova Scotia Renewable Energy Strategy’ report which provided the foundations for the “Renewable Electricity Plan” announced in April, 2010 by the Nova Scotia Government.

* She is also the Director of Dalhousie’s Eco-Efficiency Centre – an internationally recognized research and education organization that supports sustainable business practice and improved environmental performance.


a) 19488 Carolyn Horne;

b) 19001 Michelle Adams;

c) 19006 Kristine Leppard; or

d) 19976 Steph McFarlane



B) Who Is He?


* Born in Toronto in 1927, he attended Upper Canada College from 1938-40, Ridley College from 1940-44, the Royal Canadian Naval College 1944-46, and Trinity College, University of Toronto, 1946-50.

* He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in General Arts with a major in Philosophy in 1950.

* He served six years in the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve rising to the ranks of lieutenant.

* He joined Clarkson Gordon (now Ernst & Young) (1950-54)

* He received his CA and worked as a Chartered Accountant (1956) and Audit Supervisor, 1956-58.

* He joined Noranda Forests Inc. as an accounting in 1958; retiring as a senior executive (CEO) in 1994.

* His fonds (77 boxes) related to his executive career with Noranda Inc., MacMillan Bloedel, and Northwood Pulp & Timber are at the University of Northern BC.

* He served as an independent director of Algoma Steel and as a foreign director at Royal Dutch Paper Mills.

* He served on over 40 private and public sector boards; is a Former Chairman and Director of the C.D. Howe Institute;

* He wrote ‘Who’s in Charge Here, Anyway?: reflections from a life in business’ (Don Mills, Ontario: Stoddart)1997.

* He was awarded a LL.D. (Hon), Royal Roads Military College; D.S.L.

* His interests include skiing, sailing and golf.


 a) RCNC 211 Adam Zimmerman;

b) RCNC 213 Robert Atkinson;

c) RCNC 214 Ian Bayly; or

d) RCNC 215 John Belcher



C) Who Is He?

Was educated as an electrical engineer, but trained as an Aircrew Officer;

In his 37 years in the CF his service included: aircrew officer, an engineer, an intelligence analyst, Director of Cadets, Royal Military College of Canada;

Elected to take early retirement from the CF to convert a hobby of 50 years duration into a full-time second career;

He is a self-taught artist who works in watercolour, gouache, acrylic, ink and pencil to produce work that is highly realistic in style, emphasizing accurate detail and the play of light and shadow;

When he started painting with oils at age 12, he started with birds, and while he has branched out since then, they are still his favourite wildlife; subject

When he first started painting seriously, his set of oils contained only the three primary colours, plus a green, black and white;

Specializes in Canadian wildlife, but includes figure studies, portraits, aviation and military subjects, architecture and landscapes in his portfolio;

His work has hung in galleries in Canada, the USA and Europe and is to be found in private collections in at least 25 different countries around the World;

He is the published author of seven books and more than 250 technical monographs, is a columnist for Canadian Stamp News;

Is listed in “Canada’s Who’s Who”;

He is prepared to execute commissioned works on any subject within his areas of expertize, consequent to agreement with the client on size, medium, subject, price, framing, etc.

a) 9391 Paul Mansbridge;

b) 2908 Al Pickering;

c) 8738 Marcel Parisien; or

d) 5573 Layne Larsen


Answer A)

19001 Dr. Michelle Adams


Answer B)

RCNC 211 Adam Hartley Zimmerman, O.C., B.A., F.C.A.



Answer C)

5573 Colonel (ret) Layne Larsen



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