Photo by: Capt Yvette Grygoryev – Public Affairs Officer

Caption: Five proud members of D Division showing off their new green epaulettes. L-R are: OCdt. Pouliot, OCdt. Lane, OCdt. Léonard, OCdt. Findlater-Hache and OCdt. Poulin of D Div

New epaulettes for the Divisional level of command – WWI Connection

By: 25941 OCdt (IV) Daniil Sviajine

On Tuesday August 20 2013, RMCC introduced new epaulettes for the Divisional level of command. These new epaulettes are intended to promote Divisional cohesion and esprit de corps, provide a visual distinction for Divisional leadership and to provide recognition of the Division level as a legitimate and credible command level within the Cadet Wing. There is a historical precedent for the choice of the colors as the new epaulettes use the same colors that the Canadian Divisions wore during World War I, 1st Cdn Div- Red, 2nd Cdn Div-Blue, 3rd Cdn Div- French Grey and 4th Cdn Div-Green. The diamond shape of the patches is to differentiate between the Divisional level from the Squadron level (square patch) currently used at RMCC, and the Divisional patches will not have any year indication. Below are better images of the new epaulettes.

A Div Flash with 4 bars B Div Flash with 3 bars C Div Flash without bars D Div Flash without bars


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