19930 Nicholas Vlachopoulos (RMC '95)Two Ex cadets win prestigious R.M. Quigley Award
(no photo available of Peter Burgess at press time)

19930 Nicholas Vlachopoulos (RMC ’95) and 17549 Peter Burgess (CMR RMC ’91) were co-authors in a geotechnical paper that recently won the prestigious R.M. Quigley Award from the Canadian Geotechnical Society (CGS).

The R.M. Quigley Award is awarded annually to an individual or individuals whose paper was judged to be the best paper published during the preceding year in the Canadian Geotechnical Journal. It is quite an honour to be with the top geotechnical researchers in the country (and the world, as the CGJ is highly regarded around the globe). Dr. Richard Bathurst was also a co-author and is currently a professor at RMC within the Civil Engineering Department.Dr. Richard Bathurst

The citation of the paper is as follows:

Richard J Bathurst, Nicholas Vlachopoulos, Dave L Walters, Peter G Burgess, and Tony M Allen (2006). The influence of facing stiffness on the performance of two geosynthetic reinforced soil retaining walls. Canadian Geotechnical Journal 43 pp 1225-1237.

The Abstract can be found at the following link:


The award was announced and presented in Ottawa at the Annual CGS conference (http://www.ottawageo2007.ca/ ).

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