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On March 7, 2024, the Chief of the Defence Staff announced the final promotions, appointments and releases for General Flag Officers 2023 in CANFORGEN 027/24.

Referencing CANFORGENS 070/23, 095/23 and 183/23, General Wayne Eyre, Chief of the Defence Staff, said, “I have the privilege to announce the final General Officer and Flag Officer Promotions for 2023.”

  • Brigadier-General J.R.S. Boivin was promoted Major-General and Appointed Director General Military Personnel – Strategic, in Ottawa, Replacing Major-General J.A.S. Bernard.
  • Brigadier-General S.F. Malcolm was promoted Major-General and Appointed Surgeon General, in Ottawa, replacing Major-General J.G.M. Bilodeau.
  • Colonel M.S. Chenette was promoted Brigadier-General and Appointed Commander Health Services Division, in Ottawa, Replacing Major-General S.F. Malcolm.
  • Colonel K.L. Solomon was promoted Brigadier-General and Appointed Military Representative to the Canadian Military Colleges Review Board, in Ottawa.

General Eyre closed the CAFORGEN, noting, “I offer my congratulations and sincerest best wishes to those taking on new appointments and responsibilities.”

Army Commander Announces Incoming Canadian Army Sergeant Major

Article Shared from the Canadian Military Family Magazine: https://www.cmfmag.ca/policy/army-commander-announces-incoming-canadian-army-sergeant-major/

Canadian Army Commander announced the appointment of the next Canadian Army Sergeant Major for active posting season (APS) 2024.

“Following a rigorous and transparent selection process, I am pleased to announce incoming Canadian Army Sergeant Major, CWO J.C. Robin, announced Lieutenant-General Jocylen Paul, Canadian Army Commander in CANFORGEN 010/24.

His bio noted, “He is the proud father of his beautiful daughter Adele and enjoys golf a little too much.”

Born in Thetford Mines, Quebec, CWO Christopher Robin joined the Canadian Armed Forces in December 1990. The Warrant Officer enrolled as an infantry soldier, and after completing his basic and battle school training, he joined the Royal 22e Régiment (R22eR). Read More Here

7th Command Chief Warrant Officer for the RCAF Announced

Article shared from the Canadian Military Family Magazine: https://www.cmfmag.ca/policy/7th-command-chief-warrant-officer-for-the-rcaf-announced/

Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) Renee Hansen will be the 7th Command Chief Warrant Officer for the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Lieutenant General Eric Kenny announced the appointment in CANFORGEN 05/24 on January 15, 2024.

Objective and Transparent Selection

“The RCAF CCWO selection was objective and transparent in line with improvements that have been implemented within both general officer and strategic CWO selection processes. Opportunity to be considered for RCAF CCWO was more inclusive, soliciting interest beyond l2 CWO,” stated the CANFORGEN.

The current 8 Wing Chief Warrant Officer, CWO Hansen, was born and raised in Brandon, Manitoba, joining the Primary Reserve in 1992 as an administrative clerk.

“In 2001, CWO Hansen component transferred to the Regular Force where she was subsequently posted to the Armour School at Combat Training Centre Gagetown,” reads the CWO’s bio. Read More Here

Chief of the Defence Staff Releases New Instructions Regarding Acting Rank While So Employed (AWSE)

The Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) recently released new instructions regarding acting rank while so employed (AWSE) for Lieutenant Colonel/Commander and below.

In CANFORGEN 006/24, General Wayne Eyre, CDS, announced the release of Ref A. CF Mil Pers instructions (CFMPI) 01/24 Acting Rank While so Employed, and the cancellation of Ref B, CANFORGEN 040/20 Acting While So Employed LCol/Cdr and below.

Three Conditions

CANFORGEN 006/24 noted CFMPI 01/24 sets out three conditions established by the CDS that must be satisfied for an AWSE to be considered, specifically:

  1. The member must be employed in a position established at a higher rank, appointment, or employment level than their substantive rank or current employment level, whether transferred to that position or not,
  2. The member must be assigned the full spectrum of duties and responsibilities of the higher-ranked position, and
  3. The member must fulfill the duties and be employed in such a capacity for a period of at least 90 consecutive days.

The CANFORGEN noted, “As the CAF navigates current personnel challenges, military requirements may necessitate that members perform the full duties of a position at the next higher rank for more than 90 days. This CFMPI provides greater flexibility and guidance to the chain of command when considering an AWSE.” Read More Here. 


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