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CDA celebrating May 30th!

CDA is having a celebration for the 100th anniversary of Ridout Row on May 30th for all of CDA. Ross MacKenzie curator of the RMC museum will be giving a tour of the grounds and the museum from 8:00 to 10:00, then the group will return toCDA HQ for cake and to view pictures/display of Ridout Row. A group photo in front of the building will also be included on the agenda.

Ridout Row was named after Capt J B Ridout who was the Capt of Cadets at RMC from 1876 to One hundred years ago, in 1908, Ridout Row were built as new servants quarters, later becoming private married quarters. It was built to replace the old naval row housing that was torn down in 1909. Two terraces each with eight four roomed cottages at a cost of $107,152.

In 2003 DND was awarded 6.09 million dollars to renovate the two row houses into office space for the Canadian Defence Academy. The Frontenac Heritage Foundation in 2005 awarded RMC for the restoration of Ridout Row.

The OPI for the May 30th event, Cathy Sheppard, would like to thank who helped with the serch:

Ross MacKenzie of RMC Museum; Staff at the RMC Library; Layne Larsen for his wonderful pencil drawing of Ridout Row, Base Photo, and Suzanne Savard.

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