Three weeks down, two to go / Passing off the square, in the rear view mirror – badging parade almost  in focus


First Year Orientation Period officer cadets from all 12 flights participated in Exercise Perseverance (Ex P) on Sunday, 14 September.

The aim of Ex P was to have a challenging team building experience in preparation for the Obstacle course – which is scheduled for 26 Sep. The Warrior race was led by the FYOP staff and was used as an instructional forum to teach their flights how to do the obstacles. Ex P takes one step back and puts that learning opportunity into the hands of the first years cadets and allows the FYOP staff’s more of an opportunity to observe their flights in a manner they have not seen yet. They will be able to see who is capable of stepping up to different challenges, who has certain skills and who has weaknesses. From there, they will be able to coach and mentor their flights as they prepare for the Obstacle course.

There were 12 training events (stands). Each one was run by a senior member or team of one of the squadrons. They consisted of basic team building exercises. Some were mental, some physical and most requiring communication awareness – all designed to be challenging. At the end of the 12 events, morale was clearly boosted and confidence in all 12 flights had taken a giant leap forward, which will prepare them a great deal for the actual obstacle course

It’s was great to see each flight come together as a team to pull off an event of this nature at this mid-range stage in their training.

Exercise Perseverance was panned by FYOP senior,  OCdt Hart who was the key planner and organizer. He ensured the plan was executed flawlessly. Each Division from the Wing provided  support on the individual stands. The obstacle course is run out of the second year flights. Wisely the staff engaged the third and fourth year flights to be evaluators at each stand; this gave these senior cadets an opportunity to influence their new Squadron members.

To see Ex P come to fruition and be executed and become a worthwhile event speaks volumes for what they’ve learned and to work as a team in just three weeks is impressive. No one should overlook the outstanding leadership provided by the FYOP staff.

As one looks around the peninsula today the various stations for the real obstacle are taking shape. We even have a challenging looking one being erected as we write directly in front of Panet House.

The main focus for the next couple weeks will be getting the Class of 2018 ready for the Badging parade (27 Sep) and the Director of Cadets inspection. High tempo physical training and sports will remain status quo.

We asked Captain Zack Gatehouse, FYOP advising officer if he had a message for the family & friends of these new RMCC arrivals.

” The only thing I would like to say to family and friends is to continue to show your support as much as they can. Their sons and daughters are attempting something great and they should be proud.” The 2008 RMCC grad further added.  “Naturally, there are ups and downs in performance but they are learning. I hope that most (family & friends) will be able to make it out to reunion weekend this year to witness the new limits and capabilities of their loved ones.

As our headline reads: Three weeks down two to go.

More  photos by Erik St-Gelais Here