Happy New Year to all our e-Veritas staff and readers.

The 5 grandchildren did it again! We were looking for a nice quiet few days over the holidays – just relaxing.

However, Jennifer, Stephanie, Paula, Liam & Devon insisted that we do a little “surfing”.  We found ourselves dodging an Iceberg or two. Quite the experience.

Not only that, they secretly did a short video of us (the little devils). The final version was about a minute or so, once they did the editing.

It is short.  We warn those who may want to look at it that it will likely be offensive to many of you. Video

BONNE et HEUREUSE ANNÉE à tous le personnel et les lecteurs de e-Veritas.

Nous avons passé de belles Fêtes, relaxantes mais nos petits-enfants trouvent toujours moyen d’activer les choses.

Vous pouvez visionner le Video qu’ils ont produit.

Bill & Rolande Oliver


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