Death Notice

(RRMC ’42)


In This Issue – 13

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Major Danny McLeod Receives Birchall Award;
RMC Engineers Impressive;
MOC Weekend – Army perspective;
Dr. Jane Boulden Awarded Grant;
3 Ex-Cadets in the News;
Adam Shell to guide Serbia at world championship;
‘I owe it to Joe’ – update on the Joe Grozelle case;
Former RCAF Medical Officer, Stephen Blizzard Honoured;
Directeur principal responsable des operations Montréal;
Where are they now?;
Who Is Victoria Edwards?;
Had you heard of this Skylark?;

Who am I?

I was born into the army at Fort Osborne Barracks, Winnipeg, in 1935;

Within a year I had my first introduction to Kingston when Dad was posted to the RMC staff;

I had a two year break from the military until I was old enough to join the Army Cadets in High School;

My final three years of High School were at St. Andrew’s College. Aurora, Ontario, graduating in 1953;

I “volunteered” to take the five year RMC program, thus becoming a member of both the 1957 and 1958 classes.

Following RMC I had many postings inside and outside of Canada;

As an army brat, an army cadet, an RMC cadet, a regular Force Officer and a Member of the Ready Reserve, I have been involved with the army for 58 of the first 60 years of my life.

Who am I?

3814 Jack Cadieux
3818 Jim Fox;
3938 Peter Kirkham;or
3958 Ian Isbester;

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Who am I?
• I was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan on August 13, 1908.
• In 1929, I graduated from the Royal Military College in Kingston
with a Certificate of Military Qualifications in Cavalry and
• I joined the RCMP on August 15, 1932.
• I occupied a variety of positions across Canada primarily in
national security and criminal investigation.
• On November 1, 1963, I was appointed Commissioner of the RCMP.
• To deal with growing organized crime, commercial fraud and use of
illegal drugs, I chaired two federal-provincial conferences that
resulted in the expansion of National Police Services, and the
Canadian Police College.
• I terminated equitation training for all recruits which eliminated
the horse as an integral part of the Force’s establishment but
maintained it for the Musical Ride.
• For my work in training Nordic troops based in Canada during World
War II I was decorated by the Norwegian government with the King
Haakon VII Cross of Liberation. I also a recipient of the St. John
Ambulance Medal, the 1953 Coronation Medal, the RCMP Long Service
Medal with Gold Clasp and the Canadian Centennial Medal. In 1973 he
received an Honourary Doctor of Laws from the University of Alberta.
• After my retirement on August 14, 1967, I became the first
Ombudsman in Canada, serving the Province of Alberta in this position
until 1974.
• In 1976 I was Chairman of the Rent Regulation Appeal Board of
Alberta until January 1, 1978 when I became Chairman of the Alberta
Press Council.
• I died on July 19, 1982 in Edmonton, Alberta.
Who am I?

a) 1921 Mr George Brinton McClellan (RMC 1929)
b) 2072 Mr C.A. Ballard (RMC 1929)
c) 2073 Mr. John AW Bennett (RMC 1929) or
d) 2104 Mr. Charles C.W.E. Miles (RMC 1929)

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