Erected outside Ft. Haldimand is a First Nation’s structure that has not been seen on the RMC peninsula for over 300 years…

The Aboriginal Leadership Opportunity Year (ALOY ) continues to make and renew historical ties at RMC.

In time thoughts are that the white canvas will be painted in RMC colours and decorated with First Nation, Métis and Inuit symbols: this would go a long way to show the partnership between Aboriginal peoples and the Royal Military College of Canada.


In This Issue 15


What’s Happening At RMC;

To the Victors Go the Spoils! & Water Polo Making a Splash!

RMC Foundation Reorganization / Réorganisation de la Fondation des CMR;

Class of ‘65 Teaching Excellence Award;

Careers & Veritas Magazine: Spring 2009 Preview;

Where are they now?

Jack Lansing Served At Both RMC & CMR;

RRMC Pioneer: Kathy Hoyland;

Oral interviews of Military Colleges alumni;

2009 Reunions / Réunions;

Notices | Avis;

Who Am I?

Deaths | Décès: 6195 Bruce McLeod.


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