University with a Difference


This sixth edition of “University with a Difference” features some of the RMCC’s Military Activities. This series is a cadet-inspired initiative that aims to share glimpses of College life with the RMCC community, while helping spur continuous personal growth and teamwork among cadets who have been granted unique officer-training and educational opportunities.

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 Clarification: We intend to use the official abbreviation – RMCC when referring to Royal Military College of Canada. RMC Saint-Jean will be used when referring to Royal Military College Saint-Jean.

There undoubtedly will be occasions when RMC will be best suited to be used in an article.

The patience, understanding and tolerance of all our readers are sought and much appreciated with this matter.

Clarification: Nous avons l’intention d’utiliser les abréviations suivantes : CMRC en se qui concerne le Collège militaire royal du Canada et CMR Saint-Jean pour celui du Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean.

Il y aura sans doute des occasions lorsqu’il sera préférable d’utiliser RMC ou CMR dans un article.

Nous apprécions grandement la patience, la compréhension et la tolérance de nos lecteurs sur ce sujet.


The survey closed with 2660 responses. Over the upcoming weeks members of the Strategic Review team will compile and analyze the data and forward the results to the Club Executive.

e-Veritas will do our best to provide timely updates and the way ahead.

Nous avons reçu 2660 réponses au sondage. Au cours des prochaines semaines les membres du comité de stratégie compileront et analyseront les informations et feront parvenir les résultats aux membres exécutifs du Club.

e-Veritas vous mettra au courant au moment opportun ainsi que la direction pour l’avenir.


In This Issue 19:

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Cadets March into Town for Tradition: “It makes me so proud to be a Canadian.”

“Looks like a Military College Again…”

Un voyage pour les LOG-GEM-SIGS

Class of ’13 Preps City Parks for the Summer

“Medieval Fun and Activity Day” – Hosted by Class of ’15

Fall Barslate Officially Takes the Reins

Two Cadets attend Sikh Gala with CDS

Ex-Cadets in the News

Class Notes

Kingston Branch Hosts Six Distinguished Visitors

What are these 24 up to these days…?


Careers | Carrières

#47 LCol E.F. Wurtele: “Lads somewhat different from those to be found in English schools…”

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