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Death Notice: 3616 JUSTICE, Clinton Alymer (RMC ’56);

David Last & Jean Gagnon Set to Retire;

Calendrier des activités pour décembre: CMR de Saint-Jean et Chapitre de Montréal;

20 Smart Paladins;


Military to study Joe Grozelle death;

40 or so Ex cadets – where are they?

Reg Bird; Pat Stogran; John Turner; Pierre Quenneville
Among Ex cadets In the news;

Two Flashbacks:
2399 Rear-Admiral William Landymore;
Otter Squadron & November 11th;

OUA Major Rugby Awards:
Matt McLeod three peats &
Coach joins elite company;

CDA Update;

Proud Mom;

Dulude & Donofrio have a lot in common;

And much, much more….

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