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e-Veritas looking for support

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Thank you to those who have answered our request for various levels of sponsorship support.

Merci à tous ceux qui ont répondu à notre appel de soutien pour tous les différents niveaux de parrainage.

SPONSORS for 2013 / 14 – to date:

101: 8378 Bas Wheeler; 9143 Bruce McAlpine; 26664 Zacharie Marshall; Danny Timmins; 15008 Dave Morgan; 5337 Bob Carr;   8788 Geoff Bennett; 2908 Al Pickering; 13987 Bryan Bailey; 3334 Dave Wightman; 6172 Jim Faulkner; 6777 Michel Charron; 9913 Bob Cowden; 13659 Marian Miszkiel; 6541 Fraser Holman;

212: 10950 David Hall; 15737 Bryan Brulotte; 4803 Thomas H. Marshall; 17962 Rob Dargewitcz; 9413 Cam Ross; 7313 Bruce Stott; E0733 Tony O’Keeffe; 7855 Paul Hession; 11756 Les Chapman;

300 Club (minimum $300): 4377 Richard Evraire; 12046 Pierre Ducharme; 7761 Michael M. Johnson;

400 Club (minimum $400)

500 Club (minimum $500) – 14418 Marnie Dunsmore

Note: (1) As we went to press a few “sponsorship forms arrived” but we have not had time to complete the administrative process. Please forgive us.

(2) We have received feedback from a number of supporters that have confirmed – cheque is on the way!

A big thank you for those who have stepped up; plan on stepping up! We really appreciate the tangible support. Bill & Rolande


A tip of the hat to the following members who just recently updated their Club membership status: Chapeau aux membres suivants qui ont tout récemment mis à jour leur adhésion au Club:

3064 John Kormylo; 5414 Kim McGowan; 5549 David Clegg; 7004 Rick Hinton; 7342 John Brewster; 11150 Iain Swain; 11346 T Kym Cherry Lifetime membership; 13108 Stan Grabstas. 13674 David J Pyper Lifetime membership.

An EXTRA tip of the hat to family members who have recently taken out a Family & Friends membership: F226578 Johanne Wagner – Two Year membership.


Club Membership Info Join, Update or Renew ‘Now’


Issue 46:

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  • A Bunker on the Golan Heights & The Missing Plaque

  • 3069 W.A. McColl’s – III Year – 1951:

          “…Never in the past two years has there been such

          a demonstration of disorganization as there was last night …”

  • Hall of Valour Members – With Military College Connection



  • Careers / Carrières

  • Help, Help, Help / List Has Been Updated 10 Dec / Tks to those who have been helping – the Dr David Baird book – Physics at RMC, The First 125 Years. (1876 to 2001)

  •  Branch Christmas Functions..Hamilton; Calgary; Victoria; Edmonton; N.S. (Halifax) & Kingston

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