2012 Fall Semester Bar Slate Announced

Article and Photos by 25366 NCdt (IV) Mike Shewfelt

As each semester at the College comes to an end, speculation always runs wild about what the next semester’s bar slate will look like. Who will have what position…? Who will be CWC…? Who will be our new CSL…? These questions were put to rest this past Friday as, following the IM Awards Ceremony, 25314 OCdt (IV) Jacqueline Forbes, current DCWC, announced the bar slate for the 2013 Fall Semester. The new command team, lead by incoming CWC 25586 OCdt (III) Brenden Clarke, as well as the incoming Cadet Division Leaders and Cadet Squadron Leaders, lined up across the Parade Square to the applause of the Wing. As DCWC OCdt (IV) Forbes said, “Each one of you has worked hard to get where you’re at. You are all deserving of your positions.”

Here is the full incoming leadership team:

Command Team

CWC – 25586 OCdt (III) Brenden Clark, 2 Sqn

DCWC – 25390 OCdt (III) Isabelle Allain, 7 Sqn

CWOpsO – 25533 OCdt (III) Veronique Trépanier, 8 Sqn

CWTO – 25663 OCdt (III) Dmitri Sapeguin, 11 Sqn

CWAdO – 25676 OCdt (III) Joshua Bloess, 4 Sqn

Cadet Division Leaders

CDL A – 25715 OCdt Gardner, 2 Sqn

CDL B – 25859 NCdt Deutsch, 7 Sqn

CDL C – 25804 NCdt Holtken, 8 Sqn

CDL D – 25553 OCdt Beauchamp, 12 Sqn

Cadet Squadron Leaders

CSL 1 – 25820 OCdt (III) Jennifer Allan

CSL 2 – 25703 OCdt (III) Giovan Arzoz

CSL 3 – 25268 OCdt (III) Marc Grenier

CSL 4 – 25786 OCdt (III) Brennan Roche

CSL 5 – 25743 OCdt (III) Stacey Cusan

CSL 6 – 25902 OCdt (III) Nigel Mahon

CSL 7 – 25801 OCdt (III) Paul Goddard

CSL 8 – 25871 OCdt (III) Khuong-Duy Tang

CSL 9 – 25574 OCdt (III) Maxime Rivard

CSL 10 – 25849 OCdt (III) Andrew Chapman

CSL 11 – 25717 OCdt (III) Eric Hawn

CSL 12 – 25708 OCdt (III) Anthony Everitt

CSL 13 – 25749 OCdt (III) Turner Hibben

CSL Otter – M0990 OCdt (III) Melissa Warnke

2012 Commandant’s Inspection

 Article and Photos by 25366 NCdt (IV) Mike Shewfelt

Inspections are a staple of Cadet life at the College, and twice a year the Cadets turn out in their finest to be inspected by the top leadership of RMC. This year’s Commandant’s inspection was held over the course of four mornings this past week, instead of the one morning typical of the event. This allowed the Commandant of RMC, BGen Eric Tremblay, to briefly inspect every cadet in the college. On Wednesday morning, it was A Div’s turn. BGen Tremblay spent an hour inspecting Cadets and their rooms, while the inspection party (senior Cadet Wing positions and members of Otter Squadron) did a more detailed inspection. It was a solid performance for A Div in general and 4 Sqn in particular, one of which they can justifiably be proud.

More photos of the action:

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