RMC Annual 4th Year Electrical and Electronics Engineers Competition

Article and Photos by Capt Cynthia Kent, RMC Public Affairs

On March 22nd, the Annual International Institute of Electrical and Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Internal Competition was held at the Royal Military College of Canada. Six 4th year teams from within the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department competed and were evaluated on the demonstration of the project, the implementation and the technical difficulty. 25814 OCdt (IV) Jeffrey Campbell, M0962 NCdt (IV) Jeremy Hamilton and 25492 OCdt (IV) Mohamad Iskandarani (photo above) won first place for their project, “Quad-Rotor Autopilot.” The project involved setting up and testing in flight a quad roter UAV autopilot.

As the top finishers, the team will compete in the IEEE Eastern Competition in Ottawa against five other universities at Algonquin College on March 27th. 25183 OCdt (IV) Feliz Belzile and 25407 NCdt (IV) James  Jessup (photo above left) won second place for their project, “Riffex Guitar Effects Control.” 25230 NCdt (IV) Justin Anderson and 25333 NCdt Victoria Libongco (photo above right) won third place ($50) for their project, “Controller Base First Person Combat Simulator.”

Other entries from the competition included:


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