Keeping Tabs

17967 Jerry Dover – Vice President, Engineering & Automation at GoodLeaf Community Farms. Vertically Farmed, Straight Up Good.

19917 Aaron Spaans – Business Development Manager – Space and Defence at ABB

16683 Mireille Musca – Air Traffic Controller at Department of National Defence

18812 Bryan Carrothers – Research Test Pilot at National Research Council Canada

25490 Andrew Sheahan – Account Executive – WYWM | MBA Candidate, Colorado State University

18864 Deanna Manson – Military veteran, former UN employee, and current CBSA employee.

20003 Chris Fraser – Project Manager at RWDI

9993 Garry McCracken – Personal Trainer, Coach, Owner at Second Wind Fitness

18902 Paula Gaul – Owner, Big Red Cats Snowcat Skiing

24399 Justin Yoo – Deputy Commanding Officer, CFJSR

22499 Thierry Morin – Senior Software Engineer at SimFront Simulation Systems

19854 Carol Wilkins – Scrum Master, Project Manager, Facilitator

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