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Additional General Officer and Flag Officer appointments were announced recently by the Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Wayne Eyre. Appointment announcements have trickled in the last few months as the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) tests the “new rigour and science” of the promotion selection process. According to a recent CANFORGEN, the new method is taking longer than previous eyes, hence the delay in announcements.

“I appreciate the additional stress this imposes on members and families in an already stressful environment. The team continues to put maximum effort into the timely staffing and approval of these promotions and appointments,” stated Gen. Eyre in CANFORGEN 095/23.

Additional appointment and release announcements should be expected in the coming weeks.

“I offer my congratulations and sincerest best wishes to those taking on new appointments and responsibilities,” added Gen. Eyre.

  • MGen. B.F. Frawley was promoted Lieutenant-General and appointed to Deputy Commander North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This appointment replaces LGen. A.J.P. Pelletier.
  • Commodore M.T.J. Kurtz was promoted Rear-Admiral, acting while so employed, and will be appointed Commander Maritime Forces Atlantic in Halifax. This appointment replaces RAdm. B.W.N. Santarpia.
  • Col. J.G. Langlier will be promoted Brigadier-General and appointed Director General External Reviews Implementation Secretariat in Ottawa. This appointment replaces BGen. R.L. Scott.
  • Col. D.C. Moar was promoted Brigadier-General and will be appointed Alaskan NORAD Region Deputy Commander in Elmendorf, Alaska. This appointment replaces BGen. W. Radiff.
  • Col. M.J. Stalker will be promoted Brigadier-General, acting while so employed, and appointed to a new position as Director Training (J7), Strategic Advisory Group-Ukraine.
  • Col. T.J. Teller was promoted Brigadier-General, acting while so employed, and appointed Task Force Commander Operation Proteus in Jerusalem. This appointment replaces BGen. S.M. Parsons, acting while so employed.
  • Additionally, Commodore R.M. Dagenais was promoted to substantive rank.


Left to right, MGen. C.J.J. Mialkowski, Commodore M.T.J. Kurtz, , and BGen. J.P.P Godbout.

Officers Assuming New Posts

The following General and Flag offers will assume new appointments at their current rank:

  • MGen. J.A.S. Bernard will be appointed Chief of Staff Canadian Joint Operations Command in Ottawa, replacing MGen. P.K. Scott.
  • MGen. P.S. Dawe will be appointed Chief of Combat Systems Integration in Ottawa, replacing RAdm. J.B. Zwick.
  • MGen. C.J.J. Mialkowski was appointed Deputy Vice Chief of the Defence Staff in Ottawa, replacing MGen. B.F. Frawley.
  • MGen. P.K. Scott will be appointed Deputy Commander Canadian Army in Ottawa, replacing MGen. C.J.J. Mialkowski.
  • BGen. J.A.D. Abboud will be appointed Commander 2nd Canadian Division in Montreal, replacing BGen. J.R.S. Boivin.
  • Commodore M.D. Bowen will be appointed Deputy J3 United States Indo-Pacific Command, in Honolulu, Hawaii, replacing BGen. A.R. Day.
  • BGen. S.A. Connor will be appointed Combined Air Operations Center Director, 609 Air Operations Center, in Doha, Qatar. This appointment is for the period of December 2023 to June 2024.
  • BGen. P.J. Doyle will be appointed Combined Air Operations Center Director, 609 Air Operations Center, in Doha, Qatar. This appointment is for the period of June to December 2023.
  • BGen. J.P.P Godbout was appointed Commandant Royal Military College in Kingston, replacing Commodore M.T. J. Kurtz.
  • BGen. C.A. Heilman will be appointed to a new position as the Military Representative to the Canadian Military Colleges Review Board in Ottawa.
  • BGen. S.J. Hunter will be appointed Chief of Staff Operations, Chief of Military Personnel, in Ottawa, replacing BGen. A.J. Atherton.
  • BGen. E. Laforest will be appointed assistant Chief of Staff J5, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe in Casteau, Belgium.
  • BGen. M.L. LaPointe will be appointed Commander 1st Canadian Division Headquarters in Kingston, replacing MGen. M. Misner.
  • BGen. C.I. Oberwarth will be appointed Director General Operations, Strategic Joint Staff in Ottawa, replacing BGen. E. LaForest.
  • BGen. K.E. Osmond will be appointed Vice J5 United States Cyber Command at Fort Meade, Maryland, replacing Commodore M.D. Bowen.
  • BGen. P.H.G.H. Robichaud was appointed Director General Capability and Structure Integration in Ottawa, replacing BGen. S.E.J. Boucher.
  • BGen. L.W. Rutland will be appointed Chief of Staff Army Operations in Ottawa, replacing BGen. J.A.D. Abboud.
  • BGen. J.M. Valtonen will be appointed Director General Army Reserves in Ottawa, replacing BGen. N.D. Stanton.


Left to right, MGen. M. Misener, RAdm. R.L. Patterson, and RAdm. B.W.N. Santarpia are retiring this year.


The CANFORGEN also noted officers that will be retiring this year.

Officers releasing from the military:

  • LGen. A.J.P. Pelletier
  • MGen. D.C. Aitchison
  • MGen. D.D. Basinger
  • RAdm. G. Bernatchez
  • MGen. J.B.P. Carpentier
  • RAdm. J.M. Hamilton
  • MGen. C.R. Keiver
  • MGen. R.R.E. Mackenzie
  • MGen. M. Misener
  • RAdm. R.L. Patterson
  • RAdm. B.W.N. Santarpia
  • RAdm. J.B. Zwick
  • BGen. A.J. Atherton
  • BGen. A.R. Day
  • BGen. M.W. Goulden
  • BGen. M.R. Perreault
  • BGen. M.W.J. Rodgers
  • BGen. P.C. Sabourin
  • BGen. R.L. Scott
  • BGen. N.D. Stanton

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