Dr. Harass and Dr. Johnson discussing KCFF films with some of the student participants

Your donations to our Academic fund allowed 30 students from the Royal Military College of Canada to attend the Kingston Canadian Film Festival (KCFF). KCFF is the world’s largest film festival dedicated to Canadian film. It offers a wide range of genres, stories, and perspectives from diverse artists and in many languages, including French and English.

The festival highlights the best work from emerging artists, as well as award-winners and audience favourites. KCFF supports the work of local artists by showcasing their feature and short films in a national context. Students can select films from a rich lineup to complement their own personal and academic interests, and they can participate in the post-film talkbacks with the films’ creators and actors, which is a regular feature of this festival. Attendance at this event develops cultural intelligence.

This excursion allowed students to critically interrogate visual art in various forms and genres: movies, documentaries, shorts, advertising, drama, comedy, horror, and coming-of-age stories. It always them to develop their intellectual and artistic appreciation for visual storytelling. The films expose students to diverse perspectives on a range of themes salient to their generation and to the Canadian and global imagination.

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I can’t believe it’s over! The Kingston Canadian Film Festival was an amazing opportunity to witness the various perspectives and cultural lenses of Canada. I especially loved the shorts, as they capture intense emotions and exemplify the various challenges of Canadians I have not considered in many ways! As a student of RMC, I offer my heartfelt gratitude for continuing to organize this event and I hope to be able to partake in person next year!    -Robynn Still

I was absolutely stunned by the professionalism of the films. Every film had such a beautiful mixture of scenes and soundtracks which submerged the audience into the story. At times I even forgot I was in my dorm room. Instead, I was on the Maltese shoreline with Paolo and Carmen! I definitely count on participating again in the coming years and recommend the KCFF to anyone looking for genuine entertainment. Best wishes to all the teams and looking forward to seeing more next year! -Toma Kredle

The Kingston Film Festival this year was amazing! It was my first time experiencing it and I would recommend it to all film lovers. There are a variety of films that you can choose from, and it was very unique and fascinating to see the different films and perspectives of directors who are not as famous or well-advertised as those of theatre franchise movies. It was a very enjoyable time because you have the freedom to watch at your own time and pace and the amount of six films is very generous. Overall, I am very thankful to have been a part of it and had a great time so thank you to all who made it happen.   -Sammy Lee

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