generals-5.jpg5105 Doctor Jack Granatstein (CMR RMC ’61) dedicated his book, The Generals: The Canadian Army’s Senior Commanders in the Second World War (University of Calgary Press, 1993) to the memory of 4746 Rod Byers (CMR RMC ’60) and 4919 Barry Hunt (RRMC RMC ’60), “cadets with me at the Royal Military College who became fine scholars, one at York and the other at RMC. It is also dedicated to three of our best teachers at RMC, Don Shurman, J. Murray Beck, and Exio Cappodocia, who tried to pound some history and political science – and other things – into our heads. I have never forgotten Schurman telling me quite bluntly and quite rightly, at our first meeting, “you are not backward in being forward.” Writing this book has also helped me to come to terms with my time at Le College Militaire Royal and at RMC. I now understand more clearly than before how and why this was the formative experience of my life, for good and ill. The dawn may be delayed, but it comes at last.” More on The Generals

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