On Friday 26 April the RMC Toronto Branch held their AGM and Annual Dinner which included a special presentation and generous donation to the Resilience Plus Program.
Here is a snippet of Dr. Loba Cherif’s Speech:
On behalf of the Resilience Plus program team, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for the warm welcome extended to me as a Special Guest at tonight’s AGM and Annual Dinner. I am deeply honored to stand before you. Your gracious welcome reflects the profound commitment to leadership, service, and excellence that the Canadian Military Colleges embody and your endorsement of our program speaks volumes about your dedication to nurturing the next generation of leaders within the Canadian Armed Forces.
The journey of the Resilience Plus program, which began as a solo endeavor in 2019, has evolved into a collective effort, now comprising 12 Senior Team members and 30 dedicated RMC and RMC Saint-Jean N/OCdts Ambassadors. Senior Team members of the Resilience Plus program wear multiple hats within our program, serving as researchers, supervisors, mentors, certified coaches, and resilience trainers. Among them are 7 ex-cadets, a former Canadian Defense Academy Commandant, a current Director General – International Security Policy, and CMC staff and faculty members.

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