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Rowing-Cadets Take Their Sport to New Levels

By 25820 OCdt (III) Jenny Allen

In the early hours of the morning the majority of RMCC cadets are snug in their beds, the sun has yet to grace the college with its presence and a thin veil of mist shrouds Lake Ontario. Even before the initial notes of “O’ Fortuna” echo across the parade square for FYOP, RMCC rowers rise and take on the morning.

Although RMCC has had a team in the past, it has been far too long; the current RMCC Crew is a welcome addition to RMCC’s intensive athletic repertoire; training began in the fall of 2010. Since those initial shaky strokes, the intensity of the crew has increased exponentially. The RMCC Crew is a relatively unseen asset to the college. Because the team trains early in the morning, they do not hold the visibility of teams that train in the afternoon and early evening. However, the team trains hard regardless of recognition.

The benefit of the early morning training sessions is that it opens up the afternoon to various other activities; thus RMCC rowers are notoriously busy individuals. For example, 25508 OCdt (IV) Thegne Rathbone, a co-captain to the team, is also a member of the RMCC Volleyball team and studies Aeronautical Engineering. Several members of the club have taken on the positions of FYOP staff and juggle morning rowing practice with FYOP PT sessions. Also, RMCC rowers perform additional workouts and IM’s on top of general practices.

Team Captains OCdt Bouwman (left) and Rathbone

OCdt Rathbone and the other co-captain, 25285 OCdt (IV) Chris Bouwman,  work with the Club President 25239 OCdt (IV) Keith Stolzman. This command team contributes considerable time and effort to organizing morning practices and team events. The level of dedication and commitment shown by members of the club is commendable.

The Rowing Club meets up to five times a week at 05:10 to train a variety of crews and boats. RMCC Rowing currently has two eight-man boats, a four-man, a double and several singles. Although permanent crews have been established, several members of the team train as part of an assortment of crews.  Notably, the club roster currently contains a women’s crew of eight, the first women’s crew in history to row for RMCC.

The RMCC Rowing Club will participate in five regattas this fall; note the racing schedule below:

RMCC rowers will be racing to win this fall, however they will also be racing in order to demonstrate their competitive prowess and dedication. The RMCC Rowing Club is currently vying for Varsity Status and the coming fall and winter training seasons have the potential to hold considerable weight in the success of their application.

However, while Varsity Status would facilitate further excellence within the team, at this point the team is making do with the handicap; RMCC rowers are training at a level of intensity that indicates that if the team does indeed achieve Varsity Status in the future, they will be ready to run with it and to represent RMCC with the same determination that they show at 0500 every morning.





3rd Annual Prom Dress Rugby Fundraiser

On Sunday October 2 2011, the RMCC Women’s Rugby Club will take on the St. Lawrence College Women’s Rugby team while dressed in their finest evening gowns. The match will take place at St. Lawrence College this year, and starts 1500.

Proceeds from this year’s match are going to be donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. You can help support this cause by donating here (http://my.e2rm.com/TeamPage.aspx?teamID=260018), or by giving a donation at the game. Come out for good entertainment, a great cause, and to cheer on our girls!



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