Ex-Cadet Heritage Pass

Heritage Pass

All naval and military college ex-cadets as well as former commandants, vice-commandants, principals and faculty of HMCS Royal Roads, RCNC, RCN-RCAF, CSC and RRMC are entitled to receive a lifetime heritage card that allows the following benefits:

Free admission to the property for you and immediate family when you show your Heritage Pass

20 per cent reduction for ID cardholder and family members for tours and special program fees



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Where is He Now?

Dr. James Boutilier is the Special Advisor (Policy) at Canada’s Maritime Forces Pacific Headquarters in Esquimalt, British Columbia. He is responsible for advising the Commander of Maritime Forces Pacific on matters of defence and foreign policy and maritime security in the Asia-Pacific region. Prior to his appointment at MARPAC, Dr. Boutilier spent 24 years on staff at the Royal Roads Military College in Victoria as Head of the History Department and then as Dean of Arts. He is also an adjunct professor of Pacific and Asian Studies at the University of Victoria and the President of the Maritime Awards Society of Canada.

RRMC Memories – “…a colonial outpost of RMC in Kingston…” previous e-Veritas article –



Did you know that  Hatley Castle and Park each have their own song? Yes, in the RRU Archives they have an LP  of the Royal Roads Military College Band, recorded in 1983-84.

The band at the time consisted of 15 pipers and drummers and 30 brass-and-reed musicians, all of whom were officer cadets who volunteered their spare time to participate in the band. They played in concert band style and during parades on campus as well as special occasions in the community.

Want a listen? The Archives has digital copies for you to enjoy. Click (http://myrru.royalroads.ca/files-myrru/01%20Track%201.wma) for Hatley Park, which was the official quick march for Royal Roads Military College. And (http://myrru.royalroads.ca/files-myrru/07%20Track%207.wma)HYPERLINK “/files-myrru/07 Track 7.wma” <http://myrru.royalroads.ca/files-myrru/07%20Track%207.wma)HYPERLINK> Dunsmuir Castle, written for the Royal Visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth to RRMC in 1983. Both pieces were composed by Petty Officer First Class Gabby R. Bruner, who was a professional musician and the RRMC bandmaster from 1979 – 1985.

If you would like to know more about the RRMC Band, or about what they have in the RRU Archives, please don’t hesitate to email Caroline Posynick: RRUArchives@RoyalRoads.ca



Short Trivia by E3161 Victoria Edwards:

1. OCdt D.V. Ferguson composed a march in honour of the departure of which Commandant at Royal Roads? Performed by the Royal Roads band, the march appears on their album.

A) 3912 Colonel George L. Logan, CD (RRMC/RMC ’57)

B) 2253 Major General Cameron Bethel Ware, CD (RMC 1931)

C) 2576 Captain William Prine Hayes CD, (RMC 1936)

D) RRA18 Colonel Kenneth E. Lewis CMM, CD (RRMC ’47)

E) 6440 Captain (N) A.J. (‘Tony’) Goode CD (Royal Military College Saint-Jean/RMC 1965)


2. To march on the colours at RRMC parades, the band performed___

A) `Maple Leaf Forever.`

B) `Precision`

C) ‘La Gaillarde’

C) `Scotland the Brave’


3. For the Precision drill display during the annual Sunset Ceremony at RRMC, the band performed ____


B) `Hatley Park’

C) ‘Going Home.’

D) ‘Officer of the day’


1. A) `Colonel George Logan` (1983) was performed by the Royal Roads band on their album.

2. A) `Maple Leaf Forever.`

3. A) `Pathfinders`


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