Thank you for reading e-Veritas…2007 was a great year for this site, complete with a new format and a strong, loyal and growing readership. 2008 will mark the site’s fourth year, and we can’t thank you enough for allowing us the continued opportunity to keep you “connected” to the RMC community.

We have many to thank for their support including: Peter Dawe & the entire Club Executive; Panet House staff members: Mary Darlington; Kathleen Bachelder and Kimberly St Louis for their combined year long support. It would be doubly hard to put out as many editions as we do without Victoria Edwards. Her tireless efforts in providing detailed appropriate and popular articles sets the tone; Newly commissioned Second Lieutenant Kayne Carr for his 16 month technical support; and finally, II Year, Officer Cadet 24587 Ian Boughton for joining the technical crew and helping us over these past few Issues.

…so, here’s to 2008, …happy new year…

Bill & Rolande Oliver

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