The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department had a team of 15 Graduate students (mix of military, civilian, full and part-time) and two 4th year Computer Engineering students participating in the NSA organized Cyber Defence Exercise (CDX). RMCC’s team (the Blue Cell), along with teams from USNA, USMA, USAFA, USCGA, USMMA and NPS, built a computer network to provide services to a team of notional users (the Grey Cell) in the face of attacks from a team of operators (the Red Cell) from the NSA, US Navy, US Army, US AF and Canadian participants from CFSCE and CFIOG.  Article



2014 Sandhurst Military Skills Competition

More than 500 cadets from around the world take part in the Sandhurst Military Skills Competition at the United States Military Academy at West Point on Saturday, April 12, 2014.

The competition consisted of 11 events. Besides Royal Military College of Canada cadets, the competitors included teams from West Point, U.S. Naval and Air Force Academies, Britain’s Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, and Australia’s Royal Military College.

Congratulations, are in order, to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst’s Blue Team for winning the competition. We hope to have all the final results soon and will post them when they become available.

Our RMCC team placed 5th overall out of 57 teams competing. Impressive indeed!

College commandant, BGen Al Meinzinger and the College Chief Warrant Officer, Keith Davidson were both beaming with pride on their return.

Commandant had this to say: “Our Sandhurst Team performed in sterling fashion once again, representing RMCC and Canada with great pride and distinction. The team placed 5th out of 57 teams from around the world while earning first place standing in 5 of 12 individual events. The RMCC group was one of only a few teams presented with the new “Gold Standard” distinction. This amazing accomplishment was only made possible by the incredible skill, camaraderie and team spirit that characterized this year’s Sandhurst team. The College Chief and I were exceptionally proud of our professional yet humble Sandhurst participants, the entire support echelon and team leadership.”

According to the West Point Web page – Department of Military Instructions – Competitive Priorities are:

1.       Leader Development

2.       Show-casing Military Skills and Excellence

3.       Building Relationships and Camaraderie

4.       Winning

The Class of 1964 supports the Sandhurst Team every year through their Class endowment which is administered through the RMC Foundation.


First World War Centenary Gala

Article by 26311 OCdt Lauren Tracey Van Veen

This past Tuesday, the commandant of RMCC, Brigadier-General Meinzinger, his wife Joy, OCdt Mallory Litjens, and myself had the pleasure of attending the First World War Centenary Gala at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.

Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Paul Kavanagh, groups from both RMCC and CMR were able to attend this memorable evening. The RMC Foundation covered the travel expenses for the cadets from both institutions.

This event was held to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War, emphasizing Canadian contributions in a conflict that changed the course of history. It also served as the opening evening of the museum’s inaugural centenary exhibits: Transformations—A.Y. Jackson and Otto Dix and Witnesses— Canadian First World War Art.

Attendees had a chance to get an early look at these stunning portrayals of the First World War before enjoying their dinner. The keynote address by Margaret MacMillan, a notable international historian, highlighted the ease with which Europe fell into war during the summer of 1914.

This lesson should stand as a warning even today, though the overall message of the evening was one of solemn remembrance and of hope for Canada’s bright future.


Winter 2014 Semester Coming to an End

25936 Élof (IV) Sarah Labrecque – Escadron 4

Quel semestre! Avec la neige qui nous a suivis jusqu’à la dernière semaine de cours, l’escadre des élofs a réussi à passer à travers ce semestre occupé.

The semester flew by so quickly! As a 4th year cadet, I can say without a doubt that this semester went by faster than any other in my four years at RMCC. With exams that began on Friday this week, our Graduation Parade is now just around the corner. It’s been quite the adventure to get to this point, and I couldn’t have been more grateful to have held the position of Cadet Wing Internal Information Officer (CWIIO) this semester to finish off my 4 years at the College.

Le semestre passé j’ai eu la chance incroyable de faire partie du Top 5 en tant qu’élof préposée à l’administration de l’escadre. Par hasard, lors des sélections des positions pour le semestre d’hiver 2014, je me suis portée volontaire pour la position de CWIIO. Cette position n’est pas très connue et comme elle est secondaire, elle n’est pas évaluée comme position de barrette dans le plan d’entraînement au collège. Tout de même, ce fut une expérience très enrichissante.

Holding the position of CWIIO was a very rewarding and satisfying experience. It allowed me to stay connected with all the events at RMCC as well as to contribute in maintaining a link between the Ex-Cadets and the current cadets at RMCC. It certainly gave me a new, meaningful perspective to “Training for the M” at RMCC. I encourage any cadet who wants to be involved in the military activities at the College to join this exciting team.

Ceci étant dit, je souhaite du succès à tous durant leurs examens finaux, et bonne chance à tous les élofs de la classe de 2014 dans leur carrière! On y est presque!