We salute you on having reached this milestone moment along your journey  from being Officer Cadets to becoming Ex-cadets and future leaders in a world that is sorely in need of your help.

A bit about us: We were born and grew up during The Great Depression. Many of us had family members who served overseas during WWII. Some of our Seniors who had excelled on the sports fields of RR and RMC went on to be decorated for gallantry on the battlefields of Korea. We entered the Colleges in 1950, the third Class to do so in the post-war era. Yes, we are somewhat older now at 91+, but we have never subscribed to that often quoted refrain “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away”. At least 20 of us are carrying on and keeping in touch.

As Ex-cadets, we were enormously proud of the achievements of our Classmates in the Canadian Armed Forces in Canada and abroad, in Business and Industry, in Academia, in Athletics, in Public Service and in Community Service roles.

Our unique Canadian Military College experience included a huge level of respect for the great many Ex-cadets who have brought honour to the Colleges and, accordingly, to us, too.

As you take on the role and the responsibility of being an Ex-cadet, be proud. It is an honour like no other. Every Ex-cadet is forever an Ex-cadet and never a “former Ex-cadet. Welcome aboard!

Best wishes to you all as you now go forward on your journey into the future.

Submitted on behalf of the Class of RR 1952 / RMC 1954

3201 Austen (Aus) Cambon

Class Secretary


Photo: Our Classmate 3300 Alick Marshall who was appointed Cadet Wing Commander at Royal Roads and subsequently also at RMC died in a tragic RCAF training accident just five weeks after graduating from RMC. The “Marshall Memorial Award for Sportsmanship” trophy continues to be awarded annually at the Canadian Military Colleges nearly seven decades after we donated it to honour Alick.

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