Fourth-Year Obstacle Course Dry Run

26651 OCdt (III) Juliana Currie

It was sunny and bright at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC) on the evening of September 17th as the Fourth-Years, augmented with the presence of the Commandant, BGen Meinzinger, Principal, Dr. Kowal and the College Chief Warrant Officer, CPO1 Davidson took on the challenge of the obstacle course.

The Fourth-Year Dry Run has traditionally been the last phase preparations of the obstacle course for the First-Years; each obstacle was tested to prove that the course is both safe and challenging for the First-Years facing it as the final test of the First-Year Orientation Program (FYOP) on September 26. It was an exhilarating experience for not only the fourth years, but everyone watching on the sidelines.

For the Fourth-Year class, this event sent them on a trip down memory lane to their own obstacle course 3 years before where they too had to prove themselves worthy of the RMC cap badge.

All in all, the Dry Run was an exciting break for not only the graduating class, but also the rest of the college who spectated during the preparation phase of one of the busiest weekends at RMCC. Each of the competing teams was able to demonstrate their squadron pride and camaraderie that have developed over the years.

The Commandant was heard saying at the end of the course, “It was a thrill to compete with faculty and staff once again this year.”

Best of luck to the class of 2015 as they prepare to spring to the finish line in May!


More photos from the “Dry Run” by Curtis Maynard – Here


Hard Work and Drill Leading Up to the Reunion Weekend Ceremonies!

Article coordinated by: 26659 OCdt (III) Danielle Andela – Cadet Wing Internal Information Officer

2nd Years Taking on PMT Parade Practices:

On Wednesday the 17th of September Two Squadron participated in the morning drill practice as did all other squadrons. The squadron only sent a small contingent of people to the practice due to the large amount of cadets dedicated to other activities, such as varsity sports, security team, and a plethora of other clubs that would limit their ability to take part.

The practice was conducted for the preparation for the upcoming badging parade on the 26th of September which is an event that will mark a great milestone in the RMCC lives of the new first years. The importance of the practice is unremarkably strong for the reasoning that when the new cadets are on that official parade being welcomed into our rank of brothers, they look as sharp and as professional as possible in front of all of their family members and friends that will attend.

On the official parade it will be seen that the new cadets enter the ranks of the current and the pride in this moment is extreme. That is why the practice parade on the 17th filled us with pride and importance.

– OCdt (II) 27162 Guillaume Boucher

Fourth Years Taking the Stage to Lead the First Years into the Wing:

The Cadet Wing Training Officer, OCdt (IV) 26167 Boris Trudel explained how it feels to march on the Class of 2018 and be a part of this important parade: “It’s very humbling to be marching on the Class of 2018. Just thinking that I was in their shoes four years ago at CMRSJ, it seems like it was yesterday. It’s great to be a key player in an event that is so important to their integration to the Wing. The parade practices are going very well, we are picking up the pace and we are already at the point of picking up smaller details on the complicated movements. The practices are important as the parade is performed in front of many important figures, families and friends, and ex-cadets which went through the same parade years ago. We are also honouring them in the process. The whole thing has to be perfect.”