The present Commandant, BGen Tom Lawson, and four former RMC Commandants all have another thing in common.

At least one of their children graduated from RMC.Which one of the five is also himself the child of an Ex Cadet from RMC?

A. 2530 William K Lye (RMC ’36);
B. 3173 John Stewart (RRMC /RMC ’53);
C. 8790 Jean Boyle (RMC ’71); or
D. 2816 William Turner (RMC’ 40).

Which former Commandant has three Ex cadet sons?

Answer: 8790 Jean Boyle (RMC ’71) is the son of the late 2139, Jean-Charles Zotique Henri Boyle who entered RMC in 1930.

3173 John Stewart (RRMC /RMC ’53) has three sons who are Ex cadets.
11722 Ken (CMR RMC ’78); 12342 Allen (RRMC RMC ’79); and 13694 Greg (RMC ’82).

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