OCdts. On Parade

As a member of the Class who entered RMC in 1954, I would like to mention two members who entered that year and became lawyers. Their biographies may be found in the book of our class written by General Howie Wheatley when we entered the Old Brigade in 2004.

No. 4150 Nigel Frawley left RMC after second year as was the custom in those days for Executive Officer Cadets in the Navy, and served in the RCN, most notably as a submarine commander. After leaving the service he studied law at U of T, and then practiced law in Toronto, specializing in Maritime Law.

No. 4192 Don Lewis, one of very few Reserve cadets in our class, graduated in 1959, and studied law at the University of Western Ontario. He practiced in Toronto for a while, then moved to Brockville, where his father had been a judge, and practiced there until his death about a year ago.

I hope this is of interest to you, and you can mention them in eVeritas. Keep up the good work!

No. 4110 Tom Morton

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