This restored 1947 VINCENT-HRD ‘RAPIDE’ motorcycle was adjudged sufficiently opulent to be awarded First Prize for Series ‘B’ machines at the Vincent Owners’ Club North American Rally, Putney, Vermont, 22 September. The machine was brought to Canada from England in 1948 by importer Charles Stockey, driven hard for decades, then stored in an unheated garage for 15 years prior to its acquisition and restoration by club member and (unofficial) Section Chairman 10143 Michael McCartney (RMC ’74). The bike is the 328th of 1,800 such machines built by the VINCENT engineering company between 1946 and 1948. The machine’s significance lies in the fact that its original owner, the late Doug McPherson of Rockwood Ontario set several Canadian motorcycle speed records with it in the 1940’s and 50’s. The Club’s (unofficial) Motorcycle Section meets on an infrequent and extremely random basis, depending upon the time of day, the prevailing weather conditions, the price of premium gasoline and the whims of its two (unofficial) members, Messrs. McCartney and Blake Kinahan. Additional members welcome!
Unofficially yours,

10143 Michael McCartney (RMC ’74). mmcceng77@aol.com

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