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Photo: OCdt Nevin Hotson receiving the Volunteer of the Year Award from Commodore Truelove, RMC Commandt.

RMC Recreation Volunteer Recognition Breakfast

On Wednesday, 12 May a breakfast was held at the Senior Staff Mess for deserving members of the RMC Recreation clubs along with some of the College staff that provide support to our programs. The purpose of this annual event is to recognize the contributions that these individuals make to their respective clubs throughout the year.

The annual Recreation Club Volunteer of the Year Award was presented for a 5th consecutive year following the breakfast. This award is presented annually to an Officer-Cadet who has demonstrated leadership, commitment and has made a significant contribution to their respective recreation club. The previous recipients of this award were:

2005-2006 OCdt Alain Ruel, Video Editing Club;

2006-2007 OCdt Brian Gendron-Houle, Club de théâtre;

2007-2008 OCdt Mark Niles, Debate Club;

2008-2009 OCdt Alan Morgan, Astronomy Club.

Cette année, nous avons reçu de très bonnes nominations et suite à une décision difficile, l’élof II Nevin Hotson (25192) a été nommé bénévole de l’année pour son implication avec le club de débat.

As Vice-President of the Debate Club, II Hotson was responsible for much of the clubs organization. He oversaw the Westpoint-RMC competition during the I-81 exchange which now includes a tournament in addition to the show round. Along with his various duties as Vice-President, he helped with the collection of membership dues and the preparation of the club budget. His strong performances at various Debating competitions including the Canadian National Championships are to be recognized and we congratulate him for being named this year’s Recreation Club Volunteer of the Year

Finally, the RMC Athletic Department would like to thank the club presidents and supervisors for their hard work this past year.

Sincères remerciements pour votre contribution en tant que membre de votre exécutif!

Photo: OCdt Nevin Hotson receiving the Volunteer of the Year Award from Cmdre Truelove, RMC Cmdt.


Halifax Eco-Endurance Challenge Another Success

By 24897 John McSheffrey

This year, the RMC Outdoors Club once again competed in the Halifax Search and Rescue Eco-Endurance Challenge near Timberlea, N.S. Each year the region’s Search and Rescue volunteers host a 24 hour orienteering race to raise money for their operations. Six cadets travelled down to Halifax to take part including III John McSheffrey, III   David Bernatchez, III Francois Couture, I Amy Clements, and I Krisztina Rekeszki.

The course was a mixture of dense forests, marsh, clear cut, lakes, and dirt trails and was over a hundred square kilometers. Teams had from noon on Saturday until noon on Sunday to reach as many markers as they could using a map and a compass. Teams travelled light and fast, stopping at safety stations only to fill up water bottles or change socks. The competition was very tough this year, and for the first time since the event started ten years ago, several teams managed to reach all of the sixty possible orienteering markers.

III John McSheffrey making his way across a stream

After covering well over sixty kilometers in the 24 hours, David and Francois of  “The French Connection” came third in the military category against over a dozen teams. John of the “Psycho-Paths”, and Amy and Krisztina of “Kaeble” also had strong showings. Although the teams are pretty sore and tired, everyone had a great time and looks forward to doing it again next year.


Plains of Abraham

By: 25489 Christopher Sulyma

From May 3 to May 5, the Military and Strategic Studies program, along with Officer Cadets from departments ranging from political science and history to a number of engineers, toured the Plains of Abraham and the battlefields surrounding Quebec City in the last battlefield tour of the year for the MSS program. Thanks to the generosity of the Dean of Arts and the Chair of the War Studies department, 32 of the 40 Cadets in attendance were able to have their trip subsidized. The tour travelled to the major sites connected to the major sieges of Quebec, notably the Plains of Abraham, Montmorency Falls, Ile d’Orleans, and throughout Vieux Quebec itself. Besides the day-long touring, including insightful and enjoyable lectures from Major John Grodzinski and Major (Ret.) Michael Boire, everyone on the trip was able to enjoy the Quebec City nightlife, before retiring to their residences within the Citadelle itself. All in all, despite the weather failing to fully cooperate on the first two days of the trip, the trip was enjoyed immensely by all present, and was seen as an exceptional and practical learning experience, bringing the context of the history classroom into its full scope.

The 2010 MSS Battlefield Tour to Quebec City was a tremendous success thanks in large part to the generosity of the Dean of Arts and Chair of the War Studies department.

La visite des champs de bataille de la ville de Québec 2010 fut un grand succès. Cette visite a été possible grâce à la générosité du doyen des Arts et du chef du programme des Études de la conduite de la guerre.

les plaines d’Abraham

par: Christopher Sulyma

Du 3 au 5 mai dernier, le programme d’Études Militaires et Stratégique (ÉMS) ainsi que plusieurs Élof d’autres départements des arts et de sciences confondus, ont visité les plaines d’Abraham et champs de bataille dans les environs de la ville de Québec. Merci au département des Études de la Guerre qui ont subventionné 32 des Élof participants. La visite s’est déroulée sur les plaines d’Abraham, l’île d’Orléans, les chutes Montmorency et la vieille ville de Québec elle-même. Des experts en la matière, maj Grodzinski et le Maj (Ret) Boire, ont présenté les faits historiques entourant les évènements de cette guerre décisive pour le pays. Tous ont profité de leurs soirées pour visiter Québec en plus d’être accommodés à la Citadelle même. Même avec une température peu coopérante, le voyage fut grandement apprécié par tous les participants et a grandement servi à mettre en pratique et en contexte les apprentissages académiques vus en classe.


RMC Paintball Club’s 09/10 final event

By: OCdt Oliver Smith, 25730

I slowly checked my watch again; careful not to disturb the bush I had sunken into for cover. The enemy should be moving in front of my arcs any moment now. My position was situated looking right down a path a few meters ahead of the main defensive line and as I peered through the dense forest I could make out two forms approaching, carrying the unmistakable shape of weapons. The rain, which had been pouring on and off all day turning the ground into a mess of sticky mud, suddenly stopped. I waited as long as my nerves would allow before slowly rising from my position to bring my weapon onto the first target. As I softly squeezed the trigger, a burst of paintballs left my marker splattering over the enemy player.

The game had begun and the RMC paintball club fought hard against the local players. The enemy forces were a mixed bunch, some military members from CFB Kingston, and some locals from around the Kingston area. All had gathered at the Bronson and Bronson paintball field on the 8th of May 2010 looking to put the RMC players to the test in a friendly Kingston versus RMC match. Despite the driving wind and rain there was a very respectable turnout. The RMC team was composed of thirteen brave souls who braved the elements to come out and defend our honour. Many of us play together throughout the year as much as busy schedules would allow.

After a long day of battle, the RMC team returned to campus to clean off gear and head up to the mess for some well deserved pizza. I can’t speak for the rest of the club but I look forward to when I can pull out my gear at the start of the next semester and play some more. I would also like to thank 24921 III Marc Jacquard (photo left), the Paintball club president for organizing this event, communicating with the local field, organizing transportation and the after battle food. Hopefully the future will see the RMC paintball club participating in large games such as this.

par: OCdt Oliver Smith, 25730

Je regardai ma montre lentement à nouveau faisant attention à ne pas troubler la brousse qui faisait ma couverture. L’ennemi doit se déplacer en face de mes arcs tout moment. Ma position était située regardant à droite sur un sentier à quelques mètres d’avance sur la ligne principale de défense et comme je l’ai regardé à travers la forêt dense je distinguais deux formes qui approchaient portant la forme unique des armes. La pluie, qui tombait parfois toute la journée avaient tourné la terre dans un plat de boue gluante. J’ai attendu aussi longtemps que mes nerfs me permettrait avant de tranquillement lever de ma position pour mettre mon arme sur la cible première. Comme je l’ai doucement pressé sur la gâchette, une rafale de balles de peinture a quitter mon marqueur éclatant sur le joueur ennemi.

Le jeu a commencé et le club de paintball CMR luttait contre les locaux. Les forces ennemies étaient un groupe mixte, certains militaires de la BFC Kingston, et certaines sections locales de partout dans la région de Kingston. Tous s’étaient rassemblés au terrain de paintball Bronson & Bronson sur le 8 mai 2010 cherchant à mettre les acteurs du CMR à l’épreuve dans un match amical. Malgré le vent et la pluie, un contingent respectable a sortit pour jouer. L’équipe du CMR était composé de treize hommes courageux qui ont bravé les éléments pour sortir et défendre notre honneur. Beaucoup d’entre nous jouent ensemble toute l’année autant que nos horaires chargés nous permets.

Après une longue journée de bataille, l’équipe du CMR c’est retourné au campus pour nettoyer leurs équipements et pour se rendre à la messe pour du pizza bien mérité. Je ne peux pas parler pour le reste du club, mais j’ai hâte à la prochaine foi que je pourras retirer mon équipement au début du prochain semestre et jouer un peu plus. Je tiens également à remercier 24921 III Marc Jacquard, le président du club de paintball pour avoir organisé cet événement, communiqué avec le domaine local, organisé le transport et la nourriture après la bataille. Espérons que l’avenir verra le club de paintball RMC participer à des jeux grand comme celui-ci.

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