• Following RMC he took Mech Eng at Queen’s then started towards CF-100 flying;
  • The gods were favorable however, and sent him towards a T-33 and F-86 circuit pattern;
  • He had three terrific years in Germany flying with 444 Sqn at 4 (F) Wing;
  • When his tour in Germany ended he left the RCAF for a new career on Civilian Street;
  • Lectured at RMC for two years while he took his Masters Degree at Queen’s;
  • Joined Pratt & Whitney Canada (Longueuil Que) where he spent the next 31 years in marketing;
  • He racked up five million km of air travel selling to aircraft companies worldwide;
  • Upon retirement he and his wife ( they were married two days after he graduated from RMC ) took up residence on the banks of the St Lawrence in Kingston;
  • Played tennis for a number of years at a very high level; always willing to pass on “tips” to those less skilled & less experienced;
  • He enjoy a full life with water sports and in time left over with gardening, bridge, computing, travel, and friends…many of whom are those from the colleges.

Who Is He?

a) 3146 McCrimmon, Kenneth Gordon (Ken)

b) 2908 Pickering, Alan, (Al)

c) 3165 Rundle JR (John)

d) 3155 Miller, Donald S (Dusty)

e) 3061 Kaduck, RM (Ray)



  • He swims most days; sails twice a week during the summer; volunteers in four bands;
  • Cycles when he can, and wakes up to push ups every morning;
  • Many of his class went on to the Regular Force, or even to the Royal Navy, he, however, he went to the University of Toronto to complete a degree in chemical engineering;
  • He obtained a Master’s Degree in petroleum refining;
  • He worked in the oil industry for Sun Oil before taking up a position as a process engineer for what became the Union Carbide Corporation;
  • Moved to Kingston in 1969 and took up a position with the Air Pollution Control Service, which later became a part of the Provincial Ministry of the Environment, where he stayed until his retirement in 1991;
  • In 2009, he and his wife completed a trekking trip around the volcanoes and mountains of the Chilean Patagonia;
  • Served as the President of the RMC Club of Canada – Kingston Branch ’03 – ’05;
  • Presented with a CDS coin as part of a RMC commissioning parade;
  • Former band master… ” Truly an inspiration – is an undeniable statement to describe him. From his first rehearsal with the RMC Band, he has been the most gracious, generous and reliable member.Always thinking of his next venture, he’s a living directory on the look out for potential crew among the ever growing RMC community. The fact that so many former Cadets show up on his doorstep while passing by Kingston is a tribute to his genuine friendship.”

Who Is He?

a) 4823 Archie Zagrodney;

b) 4459 Ed Murray;

c) RCNC 280 Don Currie;

d) 8926 Ray Hook;

e RRA William Seath




3155 Miller, Donald S (Dusty)


RCNC 280 Don Currie




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