Chief of the Defence Staff Statement on the sentencing of Sub-Lieutenant Delisle


16080 Douglas E. Delaney: The chalkboard battlefield


Canada-U.S. Fulbright Foundation newsletter which describes a talk at RMCC on 21 January 2013 –

“Une Histoire peu connue de la discrimination en Nouvelle-Angleterre: Les Attaques du Ku Klux Klan sur les Franco-Américains lors de la première moitié du 20ème siècle,” Source

Retirements of senior military officers mean ‘extraordinary’ change for Canadian Forces


‘Capt. Kirk’ has outer-space chat with 13738 Hadfield Class of ’82


Canadian Forces Training in Northern Ontario

“Exercises such as TRILLIUM RESPONSE 2013 are an im portant way to practice winter skills and remain prepared to assist Canadians when and where needed,” said 16975 Brig.-Gen. Omer Lavoie, Commander JTFC. “The men and women of the Canadian Forces (CF) are proud and ready to assist fellow Canadians with rapid reaction and immediate effect on the ground as required in order to provide assistance to citizens and communities,”  Source


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