In This Issue 25:

Passation de commandement – Change of Command

Royal Roads honours retired general 12320 Walt Natynczyk

2015 Reunion Weekends SITREP /

RAPSIT sur les fin de semaines des retrouvailles pour 2015

Ex-Cadets & more in the News

The First 32: Arrived 35 years ago

Keeping Tabs…

Looking back through the 1958 Review…

The Week That Was

Veritas magazine in postal mail boxes soon…

‘Looking Back – 101 Years Ago’

What Makes Millennials Tick

Morale Building Quotes: Mahatma Ghandi

RMC football record still stands 89 years later




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Ottawa Golf Tournament Update

New Benefit for Members – Perkopolis – Bénéfice nouveau pour les Membres

Heritage Lane Project RMC / CMR Saint-Jean Projet du chemin patrimonial

Jobs – Careers / Carrières (13)

A 75th Anniversary Update on the Royal Roads Paverstone Project


A tip of the hat to the following members who just recently updated their Club membership status: Chapeau aux membres suivants qui ont tout récemment mis à jour leur adhésion au Club:

6660 Michael McQuinn; 10777 Tony Wojcik – Lifetime Membership; 10162 Cedric Brian Palmer;  14878 Colin McConnell; 21408 Alexander Webster; B103 Leonard Campaigne; B116 Richard Porritt – Lifetime Membership.

(For those who have let their membership lapse during 2014 & before – we miss you. Please update soon.)

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