In This Issue 35:


The Week that Was…

6513 John Bart & 7076 John van Haastrecht Memorial Golf Tournament

Looking back through the 1985 Review…

14458 Dr Harry Kowal: The Corporal Knew Best


Keeping tabs…

Which Ex Cadet Said What? When? Why?

15999 Colonel Ian Lightbody: off to a new career

Stanley / Withers / Dallaire unveiling ceremony – 26 Sept

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September 2, 1945 – The Signing of the Japanese Instrument of Surrender

Blue Jays Memories of ‘85

Qu’est-ce qui se passe au CMR Saint-Jean

Catching Up With the News


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Jobs – Careers / Carrières

Deaths / Décès



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The real deal for four RMCC Naval Cadets

12570 Mike Kennedy: “N” Flight 1976 – Then and Now

Reunion Weekend: Red & White Sports Challenge

Looking for 15 Ex Cadets; Reunion Weekend for Red & White Sailing Regatta

Army West Point Weekend 2016: To Include Two Alumni Games

Reunion Weekend Golf Classic – Friday 25 Sep

2015 Reunion Weekends SITREP / (CMR Update)

RAPSIT sur les fin de semaines des retrouvailles pour 2015

RMC, CMR and RRMC Class of 1995: 20 Year Reunion

New Benefit for Members – Perkopolis – Bénéfice nouveau pour les Membres

Heritage Lane Project RMC / CMR Saint-Jean Projet du chemin patrimonial

Alumni Award recipients embody Royal Roads’ 75-year legacy: 2897 Herb Pitts



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3068 Sidney Lundell;  4830 Edwin Couves; 8397 Ritchie Clark; 12418 Daniel Godbout.

(For those who have let their membership lapse during 2014 & before – we miss you. Please update soon.)

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