“It brings back lots of old memories, it’s great to be here with all my buddies and that’s why I come down here every five years. Good for them [the first years] it’s good to see them following along. I wish them all the best and encourage them and tell them  –  don’t give up”.

10209 Chris Chance

In This Issue 38:

Legacy Dinner – In a Word – Slick

An Obstacle Course… Against the Clock

The First 32

Weather was Hot…Badging Parade Hotter!

Badging Ceremony: A Most Welcome Tradition

Keeping Tabs…

Two Giants Added to Wall of Honour

Wrap-up on Sunday – Like Icing on the Cake

The Return of the Old Brigade

Jen Ochej Meets Up With One of the First 32

(M) Soccer Wins 2 – Rugby Whips U of T – 58-22 / Cadets Win Pijper Cup

The Week That Was & More…

3069 W.A. McColl’s Diary: Ex Cadet Weekend 1952

Deaths | Décès


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RMC Foundation Top 10 Classes – #4 – Class of 1953


QUOTE(S) OF THE WEEK – from General Tom Lawson – Reunion Weekend 2014

“In our shared interest, for interest, we have conflicts in Ukraine, Iraq and Syria. The Ebola virus is raging in parts of Africa, and Al Qaeda remnants raging in others. And the South China Sea hold dozens of islands and shoals around which many nations gather their navies.”

«Les collèges ont produit un cadre d’officiers qui ont surmonté des obstacles tout en demeurant unis, sachant qu’ils peuvent compter les uns sur les autres.»

“Graduates depart RMC with some sense of appreciation for what they’d just been through, and for those who got them to completion, but mostly they are just excited about getting out and learning their trades, and practicing their art.”

«Un leader puissant ne doit pas avoir peur des opinions divergentes, car une nouvelle perspective peut souvent donner un meilleur aperçu de la situation dans son ensemble.»

“Take a note at this point, cadets, you may do many different things in your life, and you may go many different places, but you will always be a member of your RMC class.”

“Exactly 39 years ago, about 100 of my classmates and I were standing exactly where you stand this morning. And we can still remember the pride we felt as we joined our squadrons as equals.”

“When you consider the obstacle course, and the many days spent preparing to run it, it might seem to you, at first, that this tradition is little more than retribution on behalf of your senior cadets…”

“But it is probably already becoming clear to you, perhaps in light of the memories I shared of my own event so long ago, that in that one very long hour of running, climbing, crawling, lifting, and hanging…”

“…you put to use the very lessons that form the foundation of military life…”

“…determination, stamina, and above all, teamwork.”