By: 26345 II Da Hyung Sun (8 Sqn) & 26261 II Kalina Larocque (11 Sqn)

The RMCC India expedition team has finally set off to the India expedition 2013. As you read this the team is currently travelling through the port city of Chennai in southern India. Finalizing the expedition has not been a smooth ride, but every member of the expedition team has gained valuable experiences that has helped them prepare for their journey.

Thus far, the planning stage has proven to be quite the challenge to overcome. Travelling to Ottawa to sort out delays in the Indian travel visa processing to accommodating changes in the itinerary due to a drought.

An important factor during the planning phase of this expedition was health; for the past three weeks the team has been immunized, medicated and briefed on the numerous health and safety dangers the team must take into account.

In order to maximize the training value of this expedition, the team members took part in conducting academic research on various topics on India. The team then presented these topics to each other, in order to educate everyone on various issues facing India. Having established a basic understanding of what India is about, these presentations will ensure that the team members can better understand their surroundings while travelling in India.

The team has also worked hard to ensure that during the final phase of the pre-deployment process everyone is well prepared for the journey ahead, this included balancing the workload of other pillars at RMC. With more challenges to come, the cadets looking forward to the trip ahead.

While the club continues to work on external fundraising to help reduce the personal costs of expeditions, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have helped. Expeditions such as this would not be possible without the guidance and support from the club’s supervisors – Capt. Labonté (SC 8) and Christine Powers (Recreation Clubs Manager) – and the supportive funding from the RMC Foundation. If you would like to help in the development of the RMCC expedition club and make expeditions possible for future cadets, please contact rmcexpeditionclub@rmc.ca

The team is led by (III) Raakesh Bharathi (6 Sqn), assisted by (I) Ali Mansour (7 Sqn).

The 2013 India Expedition Team Roster:

(III) Raakesh Bharathi – 6 Sqn – IC; (I) Ali Mansour – 7 Sqn – 2IC

(II) Mitchell Binding – 6 Sqn; (I) Daniel Falco – 8 Sqn; (I) Jonathan Hammill – 3 Sqn;

(II) James Heard – 2 Sqn; (II) Kalina Larocque – 11 Sqn; (II) Charlotte Raymond – 3 Sqn;

(III) Francois Savard – 5 Sqn;; (II) Sarah Staples – 7 sqn; (II) Mari Sun – 8 Sqn; (IV) Yana Voldarets – 10 Sqn


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