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12 Sqn - Soccer

IM Finals and Awards Ceremony

By: III – 25132 Matt Wookey

We have finally reached the end of the journey. The calm breezes and warm sunshine of October have long been forgotten, as 13 squadrons desperately fought off the threat of elimination to claim sweet victory. The green pastures turned to muddy battlefields, the field house floor marked with the blood of ball hockey players, the pool tainted with the sweat and tears of water polo players, and the relatively unchanged hockey rink were all host to the intramural finals. To hear the results…press 1 now. To speak to a representative…press the Pound Key.

On the soccer pitch, recently bruised from a very tight game with 3 Squadron, 12 Squadron locked cleats and banged shins with the very enthusiastic team from 10 Squadron. The two teams fought a hard battle beneath the lights of the Navy Bay fields, but it would be only Fraser that would touch their lips to the sweet Navy Bay Premier League Championship Cup. It was a good showing by C Div as 12, 10 and 13 Sqn placed in the top 4. The league’s most sportsmanlike player (MSP) award went to OCdt Schabetsberger from 2 Sqn and the league MVP was IV Sander from 12 Sqn.

9 Sqn - Ball Hockey

Despite their lack of skating ability, the lady and gentlemen ball-hockeyers of 9 Squadron proved that miracles can and do happen, as they took home gold after a mediocre finish in regular season play. They knocked off the favourite, 2 Squadron, in the semi-finals, much to the enjoyment of the entire cadet wing. They moved on to face the “always the bridesmaid never the bride” 10 Squadron in the finals, handing them their second second place finish in IMs this semester. OCdt Gilbert from 1 Sqn grabbed the MSP award and IV Cyr from 4 Sqn was the league MVP.

C Div - Hockey-1

Constantine Arena saw a slightly violent and very Canadian final match between A Div 1 and C Div 2. With a lot of drama in the locker room over the traitorous switching of superstar III Alex ‘Ovechkin’ Jean from second ranked C Div to the top A Div squad. Despite the loss of their best player, C Div rebounded with a solid win against A Div. Team Captain III Attlebery from 10 Squadron proved that even choke artists get lucky sometimes. Before the game, in a pregame speech to his teammates, he was quoted as saying that C Div “will take A Div down Know Your Role Boulevard which is on the corner of Jabroni Drive and check you directly into the Smackdown Hotel!” C Div 2 did just that, and will defend their championship title next year. Rounding out the top 3 for ice hockey was the other team from C Div. The League MSP and MVP awards were presented to IV Fournier from 6 Sqn and IV Spencer from 2 Sqn respectively.

9 Sqn - Waterpolo-1

At the RMC aquatic centre, the action kicked off with 9 Squadron facing off against 1 Squadron and 12 Squadron battling 7 Squadron. 9 Squadron and 7 Squadron swam their way out of the shallow end and into the finals, where 9 Squadron was able to sink 7 Squadron, with the help of league MVP II Steel (9 Sqn), making them wish they had stayed in the kiddie pool. The MSP award for water polo went to III Pelletier of 6 Sqn.

Ultimate trophy presentation

In ultimate Frisbee action, cadets busted out the Birkenstock sandals, visors, and popped collars for the last time as the season winded down and the bro-offs began. In the finals, the bros from 2 Squadron outbroed the bros from 7 Squadron to nab the trophy and the title of maesbros. All of the teams handled themselves very broffesionally. The most bromanlike award went to OCdt Bernard of 3 Sqn and the most valuable bro was Ocdt Landry from 13 Sqn.

A Div Sandhurst

After a tough semester of training, ego nursing, and regrets over not joining the water polo team, the Sandhurst Intramural members headed into the final two competitions, a Skills Challenge and a Physical Challenge. With wall climbs, stretcher carries, and an unexpected swim in the freezing, manhood shrinking waters of Navy Bay, that killed many hopes of ever having children, the cadets soldiered on. Despite a distinct height disadvantage on team A1, led by III Dion, and a lot of extra moustache weight on team A2, led by III Matthew ‘Showtyme’ Stokes, A Div took the hopefully-soon-to-be-prestigious Sandhurst Intramural banner. C Div finished in second place, with B Div rounding out the top 3. The most sportswomanlike award went to III Beare from 3 Sqn, and the manliest cadet award went to OCdt Vincent from 1 Sqn.

Believe it or not, there are awards given out to those people who take all the fun out of the games. I’m talking of course about the referees. The best referee awards were awarded to the referee who sucked the least amount of fun out of soccer, water polo, and ball hockey. They were awarded to OCdt Haddon (2 Sqn) for soccer, Ocdt Coville-Primeau (2 Sqn) for water polo, and III Lek (6 Sqn) for ball hockey. Thanks to all the referees for all their hard work this semester.

Overall, intramurals this semester ran as smooth as silk, especially thanks to the new and improved RMC portal system. I’d like to give a shout out to IV Jeff Phillips, the CWIMO, Christine Powers, Chad Blundy and to all the SPOROS for their hard work this semester. Congratulations to all the winners, and for everyone else, try harder next time. Good luck to everyone with their exams and see you next semester for the next round of intramurals.

IM Overall Rankings

Fall 09

Ranking       SQN       Points

1st                 2           53

2nd             12            50

3rd               7             44

T-4th           3             42

T-4th           9             42

Fall 09 IM Award Winners

Soccer MVP M.A. Sandner, 12 SQN

Soccer MSP A.H. Schabetsberger, 2 SQN

Soccer Best Ref K.J. Haddon, 2 SQN

Water Polo MVP S.A.B. Steel, 9 SQN

Water Polo MSP S.L.L. Pelletier, 6 SQN

Water Polo Best Ref J. Coville-Primeau, 2 SQN

Ball Hockey MVP J.R.J.-D. Cyr, 4 SQN

Ball Hockey MSP Y.J.M. Gilbert, 1 SQN

Ball Hockey Best Ref J.A. Lek, 6 SQN

Ultimate MVP G.S. Landry, 13 SQN

Ultimate MSP K.B. Bernard, 3 SQN

Ice Hockey MVP B.J. Spencer, 2 SQN

Ice Hockey MSP J.F. Fournier, 6 SQN

IM Sandhurst MVP B.J.F. Vincent, 1 SQN

IM Sandhurst MSP S.D. Beare, 3 SQN


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