Match the graduation photo with the following statements. See the full write-ups below.

Faites correspondre les photos de graduation avec les phrases suivantes.  Voyez les articles au complet ci-dessous.

” … will always be remembered as a true blue wild and crazy Franco.”

“… entered RMC on an Air Cadet Scholarship”.

“Ambition – none. … is going in the Army.”

“… will be remembered as a multi-talented, generous, forever fun-loving and exceptional fellow to all.”

“… was also a very active member of the RMC Club…”

“During the summers … became quite proficient in the art of telling pilots where to go,…”

“In third year, … won the RMC Club of Canada Trophy for outstanding performances in athletics for a cadet in (his / her) year.”

“Being the only rook in the Frigate to have (His / Her) own room, (He / She) complained that (He / She) had more to clean-up than anyone else.”

” Il/elle travaille fort et ce qu’il/elle récolte est bien gagné.”

“Il/elle recherche le beau et le grand en tout.”

“… has a plethora of social knowledge that this Maritimer could never posess.”

“… competed at the World Debating Championships in Dublin.”




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