Cadet Initiative Points Camera at College


Many of our readers have been following the “University with a Difference” video series headlined in eVeritas these past two months, and the RMC Club has received much positive feedback on the campaign’s unique style and compelling promotion of RMCC activities. Thanks are owed to the series cadet-creators, director 25881 OCdt Anthony Matlock (left) and producer 25783 OCdt Jordon Hennessey (right).

Each week these two enterprising cadets, among their other contributions to eVeritas and honours-level studies, commit themselves to producing high-quality short-films which, in their own words, “aim to share glimpses of College life with the RMCC community, while helping spur continuous personal growth and teamwork among cadets who have been granted unique officer-training and educational opportunities.”

This series has brought College activities to life through topics ranging from RMCC’s unique physical education program to high-profile events such as the Graduation ceremony. Doing this, however, is no easy task, requiring an average of twenty hours for each short film! The process begins well in advance of any video recording, when director, Anthony, drafts a script for coverage of upcoming activities. It is then the job of  producer, Jordon, to scout locations and secure special permissions, props and participants.  Once the week of video recording arrives it is all hands-on deck for some careful filming.

Technically speaking, the raw recording is accomplished with Sony HDV cameras and two “GoPro” miniature videocameras, which allow for unique point-of-view angles and provide the video series with its signature fish-eye lens effect.  Anthony then transfers the footage to the editing program, Adobe Premier Pro, to build the video, synch the music, generate transitions and add titles.  The final video product is released on eVeritas via Youtube. The promotional quality of the series speaks for itself, and certainly adds value to eVeritas’ mission of constantly delivering relevant and cutting-edge coverage of the College for the RMCC community.

It is through the efforts of  dedicated volunteers like OCdts Matlock and Hennessey that e-Veritas can keep turning out informative and high quality editions 50 times per year. For the most part, the equipment used is personally owned or “borrowed” – all at zero costs to the RMC Club operating budget.

The efforts of these two individuals is way beyond “the call of duty” – and for that, Rolande and I thank and salute them! (videos, no longer available)

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