Praise is due for the new look of e-Veritas. Gone is the uninspiring photo of a building at RMC seemingly erected as temporary, war-time accommodation (Panet House), replaced by an attractive vista of Canada’s three national military colleges (as they then were). That the picture of Royal Roads Military College occupies a right-of-line position is an added bonus.

Faithfully yours,

16142 J.J. Smith, RR88


 The new masthead on eVeritas is very well done. I like the the use of the photos and the college crests. Very eye-catching.

11732 John Wenek


Thanks for another great edition of e-Veritas Bill and Rolande.

I wish you both a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Many thanks for keeping the Club on an even keel these past few months. It has been a lot of work for sure, but very much appreciated by the thousands of ex-cadets and graduates of the RMCs.

Have a great holiday

All the best

8833 John Leggat



Excellent edition to cap off an excellent year of e-Veritas. Once again – great job!

Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and all good things in 2012 to you & Rolande & all the family.

M0472 Barbara & 10966 Michel Maisonneuve




A quick year-end thank you for your ongoing efforts in producing the everitas newsletter. I can assure you that work is much appreciated. Best wishes for a happy Christmas season and continued success in the new year. Cheers,

 7743 Jim Gale



Just a short note to congratulate you, Rolande and all those in support for the outstanding results of your efforts with eVeritas over the years. Have just finished reviewing Issue 48 and it is a blockbuster! The new masthead is a real winner. The large photo of the grad class saluting the remainder of the Cadet Wing at the College gate is breathtaking. To round it off, I was happy to see the article on putting the “M” back in RMC via the training for the Sandhurst competition. Need to keep this sort of thing in focus post-Afghanistan. Shadows from the “Decade of Darkness” are still out there. Finally, was sad to read of the passing of Steve Werry. He was a pretty exceptional individual, as the obituary points out. Visitors to his room had to squeeze by the airplane wings and other bits and pieces for the automobile he was also building — in a garage in Kingston. Tam London and I accepted a ride to Syracuse NY in that vehicle and it was a sight to behold. A sports car built ot plywood and mostly unpainted at that stage. I was afraid of the results if we were involved in a collision — would still be picking out the splinters to this day.

Merry Xmas and Happy NY to you and Rolande.

 4270 Sean Henry

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