The Class of 1992 and the Class of 2022 now share a bond of loss and of remembrance – Message from the Class of 1992

The Class of 1992 and the Class of 2022 now share a bond of loss and of remembrance. We will return every five years – together – to remember our time at RMC, those who return, those who do not and those who never could. I hope that the Class of 2022 can find a way to memorialize their lost classmates as we have. And I hope that across the 30 years that separates our classes, we can see ourselves in each other, bound by a common sadness of loss but comforted by the shared warmth of reminiscence.

My class have lost classmates as well.  We have lost them due to their military service as well as after – Messages from the Class of 1984

So, while it may seem that these are likely the ramblings of someone who was born practically in the middle of the last century, it is also the voice of experience.  And with that experience, I urge you to keep that contact between yourselves as a class.  Embrace that unique relationship you all have because of your time at the College.  The friendships you have made at RMC will last you a lifetime.

These lessons and memories will help you deal with all the future challenges that come your way – Message from the Class of 1979

Our Class has lost several classmates through the years and it always causes sadness and grief when we think of them to know that we will never meet again to tell stories and share experiences. However, in a strange way. it also always gives us a chance when we think of them to remember them fondly, to rejoice at knowing them, and to recall what we learned from them during our time together.

It is a unique experience that only those who have passed through the Colleges would understand – Message from the Class of 2017

The road was challenging: room and uniform inspections, parade practices, military training, SLT, intramurals, PPT, essays, science labs, late night study sessions fueled by caffeine, exams, capstone projects… you did it all, you made it through.

Every member of the RMC community understands the permanent ties of comradery that bind us throughout our lives – Message to the Class of 2022 from the Class of 1978

The tragic loss of four of our own has deeply impacted all cadets, ex cadets, staff and others whose lives are connected inexorably to Canada’s Royal Military Colleges. 

When we enroll in the military, we acknowledge that we will face risks. But we are also young and invincible—until we aren’t – Message from the Class of 1986

Lorsque nous nous enrôlons dans les forces armées canadiennes, nous reconnaissons que nous ferons face à des risques. Mais nous sommes aussi jeunes et invincibles, jusqu’à ce que nous réalisons que nous ne sommes pas. Le premier camarade de classe que nous avons perdu était en troisième année, pendant la fin de semaine de l’action de grâce.

There is no one event, no matter how traumatic, that can lessen your responsibility to LEAD others in uniform- Messages from the Class of 1983

You are a member of a special cohort of Canadians that have unselfishly decided to serve our county to bring peace and hope to others in the world. Know that you are members of Canadian Armed Forces and you are surrounded by caring and thoughtful brothers and sisters in arms who are, and will always be, there for you in your time of need.

As CAF officers we all expect to lose peers, colleagues and classmates but to prepare to march off the square and then have them absent is a wrenching blow- Messages from the Class of 1976

The truth is that this event cannot but hurt and my Class and the entire Royal Military Colleges alumni also feel the loss and join you in your grief. However, if you think about what those four comrades would have wanted, it would probably be for all of you to show your resilience, your courage and your sense of duty. They would want you to go on, to graduate and to honour their memory by displaying during your service to Canada the same valour shown by Canadian servicemen and women in all our past conflicts.

This letter, on the occasion of your graduation and the loss of four of your classmates is riven with both deep sadness and joy- Messages from the Class of 1962

I am now almost 82 years old and have created an exciting life for myself because of CMR and RMC. As graduates you have a great life ahead you, put the training and education you have received at RMC to good use. Your education and training are probably the best you can get anywhere in the world and you must always appreciate that blessing.

We share the loss, and we march together – Messages from the Class of 1982

Understand that many things are outside your direct control and the ‘reason’ may not always be clear, but the only option is to find and accept the pain – then, face it and process it. As leaders in the Forces, in society, as well as within your families and networks, you will be expected to provide direction, and this is the only way to manage grief and maintain personal ballast. When you wrap up the last big parade in scarlets, it is they who will even lead the cheer shouting “Gimme a beer!” Recognize they will stay with you always and cover “your Six” when you strap on that helicopter or fighter jet, when you propel that tank down-range toward the objective or when you navigate that warship through frigid dangerous waters.

As you approach your graduation day, focus on the positive. Hug your loved ones. Do your best to live your life to the fullest – Messages from the Class of 1980

Dear Members of the Graduating Class of 2022, So close to the finish line and you have lost four of your buds. This is a tough row to hoe by any measure, one made even more challenging as you confront the loss of your comrades in concert with the excitement and joy of graduation and…

20838 Alex Ruff, RMC Class of 1997, and MP for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, makes statement to the House of Commons on loss of RMC Cadets

Losing a member of the Canadian Armed Forces is never easy to accept for family and friends but losing someone in an accident just a few short weeks from graduation is even that much harder.
Mr Speaker, I don’t know the personal details of all four cadets; however, Officer Cadet Broden Murphy was the son of a fellow Class of 97 classmate, Major Dave Murphy and his wife Stephanie. I can’t imagine the pain and loss they and all the families are currently feeling.