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Alumni Award recipients embody Royal Roads’ 75-year legacy: 2897 Herb Pitts

RRMC: Skylarks and life lessons



Catching Up With the News

Looking back through the 1977 Review…

Which Ex Cadet Said What? When? Why?

More than an oath: understanding honor in the profession of arms



The Week That Was & More…

What Are You Reading During the Dog Days of Summer?

Deux élof du CMR Saint-Jean à l’école de fouilles archéologiques de l’Université Laval

Big event in Edmonton area – 29 Aug



Morale Building Quotes from Galileo Galilei



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1st Annual Memorial Golf Tournament – Monday 24 Aug (Details)

Reunion Weekend Golf Classic – Friday 25 Sep – Early Bird Bonus!

7000 David Haas has play running at Edmonton’s Fringe – Friday, August 14 to Sunday, August 23

A balanced article: Mandatory training sessions dealing with sexual misconduct at RMCC

20751 Wayne Green (Class of ’97) balancing career with family life

Which Ex Cadet Said What? When? Why?

What Are You Reading During the Dog Days of Summer?

DwD: 15532 Serge Landry, Heading Back to RMCC as a Civilian Employee

2015 Reunion Weekends SITREP / (CMR Update)

RAPSIT sur les fin de semaines des retrouvailles pour 2015

RMC, CMR and RRMC Class of 1995: 20 Year Reunion

Three Soldiers – and much more — join Wall of Honour this Fall

Dr. Laura Robinson: Recently named RMCC Dean of Arts

Arts Advantage: Why enrolling in the liberal arts is smarter than you think

PhD students left feeling ‘dehumanised’ and ‘isolated’

New Benefit for Members – Perkopolis – Bénéfice nouveau pour les Membres

Heritage Lane Project RMC / CMR Saint-Jean Projet du chemin patrimonial

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