Caption: The 2015 FYOP Regatta was held on Sunday, 13 Sept. At the time of this posting we have no results, however, more photos from this event – Here

Photos by: Denice Zoretich




In This Issue 37:


The Week That Was…

Academic Promotions

Keeping Tabs…

FLASHBACK 1975: War? Who mentioned war? RMC cadets are gentlemen


12570 Mike Kennedy gets mail on 9-11

Which Ex Cadet Said What? When? Why?

2015 FYOP Staff – One Common Denominator

FYOP – week two – history

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 ALOY Badging Ceremony: A coming together


Danielle Andela: Meets up with exchange student from France

Qu’est-ce qui se passe au CMR Saint-Jean


75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain



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Young Leaders Who Will Shape RMCC History

FYOP 2015: Week One in the Books

The First C in RMCC: 10763 Dr. Randall Wakelam’s academic success story

Flashback: Queen’s woman gives RMC unexpected preview of 1980

Jobs – Careers / Carrières

Looking back through a number of Reviews…

 2015 Reunion Weekends SITREP / RAPSIT sur les fin de semaines des retrouvailles pour 2015

Stanley / Withers / Dallaire unveiling ceremony – 26 Sept

Reunion Weekend: Red & White Sports Challenge & Fun Run Details

Reunion Weekend for Red & White Sailing Regatta – Sold Out! UPDATED

Army West Point Weekend 2016: To Include Two Alumni Games

Reunion Weekend Golf Classic – Friday 25 Sep

New Benefit for Members – Perkopolis – Bénéfice nouveau pour les Membres


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