West Point Cadets Enjoy Their Time In Kingston

Article and Photos by 25366 Mike Shewfelt 

This year’s I81 Exchange, hosted by West Point, saw groups from both RMCC and West Point cross the border for a weekend of cultural exchange, competition, and fun. As RMC hosted last year’s exchange, this year it was West Point’s turn, and senior members of the College staff, along with the clubs that compete each year in the exchange (Waterpolo, Debate, Judo, and Chess) and the RMCC Pipes & Drums and Highland Dancers, departed the College early this past Thursday morning. At the same time, two busloads of West Point Cadets made the journey north to experience RMC’s hospitality.

The West Point Cadets stayed with their counterparts from RMCC, and got to a taste of life here at the College. They attended classes with their hosts on Friday, had the option of attending a volleyball game on Friday night, took part in Saturday’s Winter Sports Day, and were treated to an informal social event Saturday night in the Cadet Mess. They also had plenty of time to experience Kingston’s finer attractions.

This is a weekend that Cadets from each side look forward to every year, and with good reason. For those who go, it’s a time to see new places and new people. For those who stay, it’s a time to see the same places in a different light. Those who make the journey, north or south, tend to do so repeatedly over their years as a Cadet, strengthening the bond that exists between the two institutions. As any Cadet will tell you, it is well worth the trip.

Highlights from the weekend at RMCC (click to enlarge):



Écrit par 25800 Élof (IV) Paul-Charles Geoffrion-Lockhead

Cette fin de semaine, le Club de judo du CMR est allé à West Point pour l’échange annuel. Le but de cette visite était de participer à un entraînement commun avec l’équipe interuniversitaire de judo de l’USMA. La délégation du Club de judo était composée du 25736 Élof (III) Nuriel Alshek, 25800 Élof (IV) Paul-Charles Geoffrion-Lockhead, 26286 Élof (II) Gregory Gardner et 26559 Élof (I) Alexander Landry.

Nous sommes partis le matin du 24 janvier pour arriver à West Point vers 1700. La soirée a été consacrée à nous installer et à apprendre à connaître nos hôtes. Le lendemain, nous avons accompagné nos hôtes à leurs cours. J’ai ainsi assisté à un cours d’arabe et à un cours de science spatiale au cours duquel un professeur du MIT est venu faire une présentation sur les systèmes de défense antimissiles. Le banquet d’ouverture de l’échange annuel a eu lieu cette soirée-là dans l’impressionnante salle à manger de West Point.

L’avant-midi du 25 janvier a été consacré à la séance commune d’entraînement. Pendant deux heures, nous avons fait du combat debout, du combat au sol et nous avons appris quelques techniques. Après une démonstration à la délégation officielle, nous avons terminé la séance. Durant l’après-midi a eu lieu la cérémonie de conclusion de l’échange. La soirée a été consacrée à la partie de hockey entre le CMR et West Point.

Voilà qui résume la fin de semaine à West Point du Club de judo du CMR.


Article by 25800 OCdt (IV) Paul-Charles Geoffrion-Lockhead

This weekend, the RMC Judo Club went to West Point for the annual exchange. The aim of this visit was to take part in a joint training session with the USMA Judo Team. The Judo Club delegation was composed of 25736 OCdt (III) Nuriel Alshek, 25800 OCdt (IV) Paul-Charles Geoffrion-Lockhead, 26286 OCdt (II) Gregory Gardner and 26559 OCdt (I) Alexander Landry.

We left on the morning of January 24 to arrive at West Point around 1700. The evening was dedicated to installing ourselves and getting to know our hosts. The following day, we followed our hosts to their classes. This way, I attended an Arabic class as well as a space science class in which an MIT professor did a presentation on antimissile defense systems. The opening banquet of the annual exchange took place that night in the impressive West Point dining hall.

The morning of January 25 was dedicated to the joint training session. During two hours, we fought standing, we fought on the ground and we learned a few techniques. After a demonstration to the staff delegation, we ended the session. In the afternoon, the conclusion ceremony took place. The evening was dedicated to the hockey game between the RMC and West Point teams.

This was the RMC Judo Club’s weekend at West Point in a nutshell.

More details from West Point will be posted when they become available. 

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