In This Issue 31:


 A balanced article: Mandatory training sessions dealing with sexual misconduct at RMCC

20751 Wayne Green (Class of ’97) balancing career with family life

Ex Cadets & More in the News

DwD: 15532 Serge Landry, Heading Back to RMCC as a Civilian Employee


Class notes…

Looking back through the 1975 Review…

G0872 Michael Boire: Book Review – La Grenade Verte: Valcartier 1974 : les oubliés de la compagnie D

12570 Mike Kennedy – Book Review – As You Were


Keeping Tabs…

New Honorary Club President – H2652 Colonel A.B. (Brit) Smith

Which Ex Cadet Said What? When? Why?

What Are You Reading During the Dog Days of Summer?


Morale Building Quotes: Joe DiMaggio



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1st Annual Memorial Golf Tournament – Monday 24 Aug (Details)

Reunion Weekend Golf Classic – Friday 25 Sep – Early Bird Bonus!

7000 David Haas has play running at Edmonton’s Fringe – Friday, August 14 to Sunday, August 23

2015 Reunion Weekends SITREP / (CMR Update)

RAPSIT sur les fin de semaines des retrouvailles pour 2015

RMC, CMR and RRMC Class of 1995: 20 Year Reunion

Three Soldiers – and much more — join Wall of Honour this Fall

Dr. Laura Robinson: Recently named RMCC Dean of Arts

Arts Advantage: Why enrolling in the liberal arts is smarter than you think

PhD students left feeling ‘dehumanised’ and ‘isolated’

New Benefit for Members – Perkopolis – Bénéfice nouveau pour les Membres

Heritage Lane Project RMC / CMR Saint-Jean Projet du chemin patrimonial

Jobs – Careers / Carrières (13)


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