In This Issue 7:

CDS makes changes…RMCC to have a new commandant come summer

13 Feb 2015: A day for many to remember

S124 Dr Ron Haycock: Flag Day 50th Anniversary RMC Address

Cadets have their say about the Canadian flag

Life & Times of 5992 Dr. Jim Barrett Before, During & Beyond RMCC

Ex-Cadets & more in the News

8926 Ray Hook: All-round good guy

Keeping Tabs…

Women’s Rugby Seven’s: Supported by the RMC Foundation

Sports & Fitness

It was never about outcomes, but the process, for 22323 Ryan Slate

Early military life after RMCC & Professional Military Training at the College

Qu’est-ce qui se passe au CMR

3069 W.A. McColl’s Diary – Feb 1953


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The $10,000 Sword Contest

Jobs – Careers / Carrières

2015 Celebrations for 75 Years of Excellence at Royal Roads


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